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iv been doing slimming world for a few weeks now but after reading all your food diaries im feeling a bit worried. i been eating loads and loads of the free foods, 2 hexa and 1 hexb and 5 to ten syns a day (saving the rest for take away night) am i slowing up my weight loss by eating so much???
a typical day would be

breakfast- full sw english with toast hexb
muller yoghurt and fruit
lunch- tomato pasta, quorn sausages x 3/4 and loads of veg
muller yoghurt
tea-sw risotto, cheese hexa, salad
3 squares of chocolate 6syns
evening snack- sw chips (loads!)

any advice would be great
thanks x
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Hi there

Don't worry too much -we all need different amounts-as long as you aren't stuffing yourself to busting point you should be fine ;)

I take it you are doing EE?
If so then you only get 1A+B -although on your menu listed there is only one of each anyway,
As long as you know that you are getting 1/3 of your superfree a day you should be fine -just check things like making sure there is no fat on the bacon and that your quorn sausages are the free ones as Im sure they changed the recipe and some now have syns...
How are your losses so far? if you are happy with them, then keep on as you are -you will find your appetite will probably shrink naturally


One day at a time, one step at a time
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I ate and still do larger portions, best filling up than going hungry and pigging out :)

Also some of the new recipe quorn sausages are no longer syn free :(

If doing EE the 1/3 superfree is important. This is why I do a mix of red, EE, and green, as don't always want the 1/3 superfree :)
im doing green as im a veggie. i think im going to have to join up again. very sad that the sausages are no longer free iv been eating around 4 a day!
i lost 4pounds last week i dont think i will have done this week though.
some days iv had 6 free muller yoghurt
iv got a stone and a half to loose, so i dont know if that makes a difference?

thanks for the alot for your help x
S: 17st11lb C: 16st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 37.9 Loss: 1st7lb(8.43%)
Hi there

Sorry I just assumed you were on EE as you listed "full English" -never thought of a veggie version :p, in which case on Green you have 2heB and 1or2heA -I do red days but always have 2A+Bs .
Im sure you find on here which quorn sausages have what syns -its an easy error to make when they change recipes ;)
As for the mullers -they are free and I know we don't have to count cals on SW -but if you look at how many are in a muller they can soon add up, could you swap a couple for fruit? and have you tried semi freezing them to make them last longer? I don't eat mullers so can't vouch for them like that but I know that a lot of people like em that way , however if eating those is stopping you eating bad stuff then it the lesser of 2 evils :D
Good luck with weigh in-Im sure you will be fine..
i think im going to carry on the way iv been till tuesday when i can join my nearest group.
iv been putting it off as every time iv joined in the past it really annoys me when people tell me i dont need to be there and i end up giving up do to lack of support
iv found the sausages are one syn
thanks again x

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