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Aww Laney I've not done CD before so don't totally understand about food being re-introduced but is it because all of a sudden you can eat and it's just got a bit out of control?
Not really sure what to suggest, perhaps someone who's made the switch before will give you more incentive.
Sorry but you'll have to remind me as I've got a brain like a sieve but do you go to classes? Perhaps have a word with your leader? Hope you get your 'click' back soon.

Yeah I do go to classes. I had a break of a couple of weeks between diets. My head wants me to do it but my hand is still putting stuff in my mouth! I cant seem to control it :sigh:. My meeting is tonight but the thoughts of going now is killing me! I feel like a bold child! I lots of things going on at the moment and im finding it hard to concentrate on the diet. Any whif of something going wrong and my head is in the fridge! I need to try and do something to stop ...... like lock the fridge??
I think if you can go then you'll feel so much better you did as although the disappointment of putting on weight will be there so will the determination to lose it for next week.
Sometimes when there's loads going on it's hard to really give the diet 100%, but do try because you'll be so pleased you did.
Your dead right I think I just need to get my ass in gear! Do you find your diary helps you? Am I supposed to update my diary regularily and keep it here or on the diary pages?? Sorry this is all new to me
Good for you, you will be happy that you've gone and it'll give you more incentive.
I think a diary is a great idea! You get great support and it's always good to look back over things. You can do your diary either on here or in the diary pages it's up to you.
eek! the dreaded double post!
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Laney - have you tried menu planning for each day as well as keeping a diary?

I've read Dr. Phils books (which I love) and one of the difficulties of a plan like WW is that you're constantly thinking of food. So, if you look in your cupboards and decide what you're going to eat based on what you have there (you might even find that you save yourself some money!). Avoid a trip to the shops AT ALL COSTS as this will put temptation in your way. Do your menu planning for 10 or 15 minutes each night for the following day and include snacks and any points you might want to save for later in the week. The food will be all sorted and you can concentrate on the things that are stressing you. A basic menu plan might look like this:

Points allowance: 26
Points saved for another day: 4

1pt skimmed milk: 2
50g Shreddies: 2.5

mid morning snack:
2 x slices toast (see below for bread): 1
5g flora extra light: 0.5

cheese & ham sandwich: 3.5
made with 2 slices kingsmill crusts away, 30g wafer thin ham, 1 slice half fat cheddar cheese & 5g heinz ex. light mayonnaise
yoghurt: 2

afternoon snack:
1 x pack mini iced gems: 2

stir fry chicken & noodles: 6.5

That would leave you with 1.5 points to make yourself a fruit salad as an evening snack with satsumas, plums, some grapes or cherries or to spend on another treat - remembering that you already have 4 points saved for another day.
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Delly your a star! Thanks so much for taking the time to do that.
Thats my biggest problem! Planning...I dont do it really.

Plan for tonight: I must do a plan for tomorrow!
Good luck Laney. Let me know how you get on.

By the way, have you tried the Tayto velvet crisps yet? Apparently they're only 1 point per packet but you can only get them in the Republic of Ireland. I've yet to get the chance to nip across the border and pick up a few packets.

Oh, you could have that as your wee treat at night time and still have 0.5 points to spare ... hmm, what can you eat that's only 0.5 points?

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