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Hi Everyone..

Sorry to be moaning but i think you guys are the only ones that understand, im on my 2nd week on ss, and im having problems, when i started i didnt do a poo for 4 days and than 6 days after that nothing, so i ate a bit a chicken which helped and i manage to go striaght away, but that day i got tempted and had bits of food here and there that night...
Now i have promised my self im gonna not cheat at ALL, and its been three days and its been really good, cant complain, but i havnt lost hardly anything, and its really dishearting, i have my weigh in end of the week and im not lookin forward to it, i did the wee thing yesterday and it came out pink... to top it off my brother is having soup everyday with bread and seems to still be losing, i know everyone is different but i really thought the first two weeks you lose abit and then it slows down, im just scared that i might of blown my chances of losing weight as quick as i imagined...:wave_cry::wave_cry:
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Oh and i still havnt done a poo!!! in 4days...
The first thing I would say to you is, stop the comparisons. Everyone is different on this diet and we all lose weight at different rates.
Stick to the plan and you will see losses. Drinking at least 4 litres of water should help too. (the recommended is 2 1/4 litres but the more you drink the better) You need to be rigid about it though. Sounds like you need to have a serious word with yourself!! Only you can do it.
With your bowels,if you feel constipated then pop to a chemist and get some Dulcolax or similar. Take one in the evening and in the morning you should go. To maintain bowel action get some Psyllium Husks and add them to your shakes.They will bulk your stools as obv you are having liquids and no bulk in your diet. The extra water should help too.
Hope this helps.
Listen to Nicky, she's amaaaaazing.
First thing i thought was water intake - howmuch you drinking atm?


please try again
i find that drinking plenty of water i go most days
ur cdc has a fibre adding thing ( sure someone will know the name ) to help with that
also some of the cd'ers swear by some phsillium husks to get them moving
you havnt missed the boat honestly
with the bits u were picking at it could have stopped you going into ketosis but since ur in the pink now ur fat burning so keep going and you should see a good loss this week
good luck hun
Thanx Nicky, im drink about 3lts, but im trying to just take big gulps.. im going through abit of a depressing time right now, but i want to lose 3stones, and im gonna do SS till as much as i can, even after aam, how long do you think it will take me to reach my goal???


please try again
the book says you can lose around a stone a month but it varies from person to person
try not to down the water as large amounts will just go straight through, try and sip it throughout the day
Thanx Spooky and Claire, Is it true that once you hit your BMI your not allowed to carry on SS??
As Nicky said...

water water water water water and drink some water!!

Also - I think CDC's have a fiber mix you can help with any constipation.
Right Thanx ill ask my cdc about it... hope i make my target!!! trying not to lose hope...


please try again
if you take a look at the signatures you will see people still lose weight as they move up the plans, saffron and porgeous come to mind, there are plenty of others but cant remember the names at the mo, brains turned to mush, lol


please try again
hun only you and you alone will get you to target
people here are hugly supportive , i come here everyday to focus myself but im doing this for me and i will be the girl who i want to be
let go of hoping and stick to you are going to do it
lol yeah im very inspired about others weight loss, does make me think otherwise... thank you guys for making me feel abit better... gonna keep it up and hopefully when i have my weigh in this weekend will be better than im expecting...

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