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Help !!!

Hi Everyone

This is my first post, i joined WW three weeks ago and in the first week i done really well and lost half a stone.:clap::clap: But the past two weeks i've stayed the same,:argh: and am feeling really despondant by the whole thing!!! I haven't done anything different and an really confused as to why this has happend and was wondering if anyone can relate or shed any light on this??:sign0163:

I've spent the last two weeks in tears cause i'm really disappointed and am starting to think whats the point??? :sigh:

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks Guys CARLY xxx
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S: 14st13lb C: 14st7lb BMI: 30 Loss: 0st6lb(2.87%)
hi there.
well for a start please dont be dispondant because half a stone in your 1st week is great. weight loss can be affected by lots things like totm or just your body getting used to the new diet. has your leader had a look at your tracker just in case you've missed something or maybe post some of your menus and someone will give it 'the once over'
I know what your saying but it's really hard when your trying so hard, no she wants to check my tracker next week and wants me to cut out bananas for the week see if that makes a difference!! What i don't understand is how i can do so well in one week and not the rest??? She did say something about my body going into shock like a starvation mode and could just be adjusting, but it just seems so unfair !!! Thanks for the reply CARLY x
Well, firstly, well done on your loss in week 1! That's fantastic!! I do think that maybe your body is just trying to adjust to losing so much weight you lost in week 1. Or, you could still be losing fat and it might just not be showing on the scales yet (in which case I expect you'll go to your next weigh in and just suddenly have lost a good few lbs). Did you take your measurements when you started?? That's always a good idea on a diet like WW, because more often than not, when the scales don't show a loss, the tape measure usually will - sometimes it just takes our 'weight' a while to catch up ;)

Good luck with it - I hope you get the loss you want on your next weigh in! :)
S: 14st13lb C: 14st7lb BMI: 30 Loss: 0st6lb(2.87%)
know it can be disappointing , have ahd weeks when i've been really good and exercised even:eek: but not lost but it does catch up eventually

Keep the faith and you'll reap your reward:)
Your probably right but it's just disappointing when you feel you've had a good week and theres no real reason!! No i didn't measure myself but i'll make sure i do it now, and keep a check on that too Thanks!
Yeah i know that half a stone is great :D but it's hard to see that when all you want to do is weight less. :cry:
I must admitt on the second week i probably saved up too many points and didn't use them at all but last week i was only saving one or two a day and my leader said this wasn't a problem???:confused: Thanks for the words of support CARLYx


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hey carly. keep at it hon. your body will catch up with you. maybe posting your daily menus would help so that the experts can give it the once over and let you know if there's something there that might be causing it... i'm only on week one so can't really help much. are you drinking plenty of water?

abz xx

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