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Right, I'm having severe issues. Its currently day 5 (again) and I'm starving hungry and wanting chocolate/carby stodge.

Have resisted. Drinking my 1L pot of green tea (no sweetner) to try and knock the edge off and just drank a pint of water. Its not helping. Tried 1/4 pint of Sugar free jelly.

I get to about day 4 on Atkins/low carb and derail. Grit my teeth and get back on. This happened last week, hence no weight change last week, and had to restart.

I try not to use frankenfoods, no Atkins bars or shakes. Try to stick to eggs, meat, no sausages, and keep to 3 tablespoons of cream and 75g of cheese daily. Theres no hidden sugar in any of my foods because I don't buy much, if any, processed. The only "bad" thing I've had this week is pepperami.

I'm taking
Calcium supplement (1/2 recommended due to cheese and cream)
Chromium Piclonate (200mg 3x daily)

I thought that this would curb the carb cravings but honestly guys, I'm really struggling today. Trying to keep busy.

WHY?!?! Am I just destined to be a pie? Its currently TOTM, and I usually have issues the week before, hence I think last weeks derailment, but this week? WHAT?!?!?
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sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
me again hun !!!:D
i know its trite but this is obviously youre turning point when youre body is making 1 last stab at sugar !!! its like a drug and it really does take time to break the cycle , i like so many others do partake it the odd frankenfood bar to ease to cry for sugar but i do stop at 1 , every ones different and if its whats going to keep you on track maybe its worth having them as a backup ????


Happy to be slim at last
I agree with Sukie about maybe having them in as a back up for TOTM. Some use diabetic chocolate too and maybe if you kept small bar of this for that time?


I'll think about it, I just hoped that there was an explanation, you know like "ah its the carb dependence just working its way out of your system, even with teh chromium" etc

Hanging in there still. Passed up Marscepone Ice Cream with Chocolate Tart, and bread rolls soup at Hotel today. Ate my packed lunch of a chicken breast and 1 babybel salad. With 2 big cups of coffee.

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
well done for keeping at it hunnie xxx
How are you today Lexie? I hope you managed to stick with it love.


Hung in there all weekend. Had a non legal pick at some plain peanuts but was only a few.

Took the dog out massive walk, and went to local market and bought in a few more lbs of meat for this coming week.


Happy to be slim at last
Well done for sticking with it. :D
Oh good, well done and now you've had a great loss as a reward Lexie.

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