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HelsAngel's Super Angelic Food Diary (or not!)


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Okidoke then. Inspired by some diaries from other people, I've decided to create my own. I'm going to be 100% honest and it's open for criticism. I don't bite and will very rarely take offence at anything so don't be shy to recommend any changes you think I should introduce.

A little backfground first.

I'm a singer, I do pubs, clubs, holiday parks, weddings, birthdays etc. I'm not amazing by anyone's standards but I get by in my local area and it's quite a lucrative part time job. With this in mind, image is very important to me. About 5 years ago I overheard some people having a chat at one of my gigs.

"She's a good singer isn't she?"
"Yeah but would you get up there with an arse that size looking like that?"

I'll never forget it.

I joined WW the next day (old style points) and managed to shift 47lbs from Oct 07 to May 08.

I split up with my bf in the Jan 08 and maintained my weight for 2 1/2 years. UNTIL I met my current man. We've been together for a year now and in that time, I've eaten what he eats. The fact that he's a very active, fit soldier and works out a million times a week and I don't, didn't seem to bother me until I had 14 pairs of trousers hanging in the wardrobe and only 2 of them fit me!!!

I rejoined WW three times and just could't stick it. I hate ProPoints.:confused: Anyway, a friend recommeded SW etc. and with nothing to lose (except about 2.5 stone!) I joined the first week of June.

Here I am in August, 8 weeks in and 8.5lbs down. I'm told that you can eat as much as you want and although I do agree to an extent, I can't help thinking that if I didn't eat this much, I'd be losing quicker. With this in mind, I'm doing my diary so people can if they want, tell me that I've got it all wrong and to eat more of this or less of this.

Thanks for reading (if you're still awake!)

I shall report my days ............. NOW!
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Extra Easy

Breakfast : Cherry Muller light - free
Banana - SF
Blueberries - SF

Snack - Raw Broad Beans - SF (don't ask!!)
Lunch :
2 slices of wholemeal bread (Healthy B)
A quarter of a tube of Primula Light instead of spread (Healthy A),
1 small can of Tuna - free
2 level tablespoons of ELF Hellman's Mayo - 1 syn (mixed with tuna)
1 small can of sweetcorn - free
1 bag of mixed leaf lettuce - SF
Handful of pickled red cabbage- SF
3 gherkins - SF

Dinner :
Pork chop grilled with all fat removed - Free
SW Roast potatoes in Frylite - Free
Lots of Carrots - SF
Runner Beans - SF
Gravy - 3 syns I reckon

4 cups of tea with SS Milk - 3 syns
3 cans diet Pepsi
1 litre water

Total Syns - 7

Exercise - C25K Week one, day three (repeat)
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Talks alotttt! :)
Menu sounds ace to me!

I am still sat with my mouth wide open at the comment at your gig.

BTW - Raw broad beans (?!) I had cooked ones in my dinner and couldn't eat them! Gross! Nat xx


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There's a massive bag of broad beans next to my desk that we've got from the allotment. I brought them into work and my boss just came over, split the pod and started eating them. Never shy of trying anything new I followed her and before I knew it, it's eaten about 10 beans. Not THAT bad. A bit like hard, sourer peas. Itstopped me snacking on anything else so gotta be a winner! :)


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Thank you! When the comment was made I was 182lbs. Still didn't justify anyone to ever speak about someone that way but some people are just like that.

This time around my boyfriends sergeant major asked me when I was due to drop! Luckily, I've got broad shoulders and laughed it off but it's another thing that just spurs me on.


Talks alotttt! :)
People are so cruel! What body shape is everyone? I'm a pear so quite small bust and stomach but stocky thighs and bum :(

I'm just debating whether to see OH parents puppy or go swimming? Might go swimming before work tomoz ;) x


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I'm not really sure what shape I am. I carry most of my weight in my bottom half. Legs, bums, tummy but I'm quite chesty too. Pear shaped I guess.

I've just started couch to 5k and I'm repeating week one because it was so hard. It's just started throwing it down with rain with a thunder storm but I can't let it stop me going. I didn't go earlier because it was too hot. It'll never be perfect.
Go for a swim. You'll feel better :)


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Just adding a Shape zero yoghurt to my food for today (weds). I was starving and I'd never sleep feeling like that! Also had half a litre more of water after my run/walk.
Tomorrow. Eeek.

I've cut down on my diet coke to be honest. I was on six cans a day. That's an expensive coke habit! ;)
I weigh at group straight after work. My consultant is on holiday tomorrow so am quite looking forward to a change even though she's great and I'll miss her. Do you weigh at group too?
HelsAngel said:
I weigh at group straight after work. My consultant is on holiday tomorrow so am quite looking forward to a change even though she's great and I'll miss her. Do you weigh at group too?
Yeah just thought I'd ask as I know a lot of people on the forum are online members. Brought some scan bran at group today so gonna try that this week. Have you had it?do you have any recommendations as to what to do with it?

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I have it often. I spread my healthy b cheese triangles on it with some ham, cucumber, tomatoes.
I also sometimes dip it in a mug shot or a muller light. They're quite filling.

Don't get excited by it. It won't be the best thing you've ever had by a long shot.


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Hey, thought I'd pop in and say hi!

Broad beans - ick! Each to their own, but they make my skin crawl :D

People can be so mean with their comments. I can't think of any bad ones I have had, but I've had plenty of the looks, y'kno, when they look at your OH, then at you, then at him with sympathy!

Good luck with your WI later. Think thin :)
WI DAY ******
1.5lbs off :)

I'm not thrilled with it but I'm happy. I just seem to be losing so slowly. Maybe it's because of my medicine but it's so frustrating to spend all this money on seperate food and also bust my backside with the exercise for 1.5lb in 2 weeks. Infact, 3.5lbs in 6 weeks!! I'm not happy with that. I've tried EE days, mixing with Green and EE, Green only and I've not touched Red yet so maybe protein is what I need rather than carbs. I'm going to do a whole red week (I miss potatoes already!!)

Todays diary

2 Nectarines - SF
Blueberries - SF

1 Slice WM Bread Large Crust! (Healthy B 1)
2 scrambled eggs - free
1 can of mushrooms - SF
Gherkins - SF
Cucumber - SF
Radishes - SF

5 Scan Bran (Healthy B 2)
1 can Tuna - free
3 tbspn ELF Mayo 1.5 Syns
4 LC extra light cheese triangles (Healthy A)

Snacks and drinks :
Diet Pepsi
Peppermint tea
Tea SS milk (rest of Healthy A 1)
2 Light Babybel (Healthy A 2)
Left over bit of Mums Burger! (5 syns) Only because I hadn't had syns!!
Alpen light bar (3 syns)
2 McCain Smilies (2 syns)

I'm going to mess up red days so any help would be great and most welcome.
Friday 5th August
First proper Red day (although it might as well be an EE day with with an extra HEX!)

1 Alpen Light (half of Healthy B)
1 Coconut Muller Light - free
1 Banana - SF
1 Nectarine - SF

Lettuce - SF
Tomato - SF
Cucumber - SF
Green Peppers - SF
Gherkins - SF
Jalapenos - SF
Sweetcorn - free
4 Olives (0.5 syn)
Ham - Free
Turkey - Free
(Basically, it's a subway salad!)
Blueberries - SF

Quorn Peppered Steak - free
Red Peppers - SF
Mushrooms - SF
Onions - SF
Courgettes - SF
Carrots - SF
Tomato - SF
Green Beans - SF
2 tbsps ELF mayo (1 syn)
1 tbspn weird jerk sauce stuff (1 syn)
3 Light Babybel (Healthy A)

Satsuma - SF

Snack and drinks:
2 litres water
1 pint diet coke
4 cups of tea SS milk (Healthy A 2)
1 Caramel Shortbread Mini (4 syns)
Gherkins - SF

Total Syns : 6.5

Need to eat the other half of my Healthy B so will have 3 Scan Bran later on. Book says eat 2 Healthy B's a day but if I was on EE I'd only have one. I'm going to leave it out for today. Maybe I'll have 5 Scan Bran later instead?? Oh I don't know.

Exercise: Couch to 5K - Week 2, day 1. SCARED!!
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Probably jinxing myself now but week 2 c25k seemed a lot easier than when I did week 1, day 3. Feel fantastic.

Add 1 more pint of water to my intake today. *super wee*
Saturday 6th August.
Red day.

It's the worst day ever for food today. If you read it, you'll shout at me. The rule is 'eat when you're hungry' but I was so busy I didn't get a chance to feel hungry let alone eat much.
The time I felt peckish I was no where near free food and would have picked at sausage rolls, crisps and rubbish so I thought it best to just go with out.

On the upside, I made the Salmon Pate out of the magazine yesterday with the new food processor I bought. I skipped the pepper corns and also halved the recipe because it's only me eating it and it'd cost a bloody fortune to make all of it! It's lush and I love it but must remember not to add salt to it. It's not at all necessary but more pepper would work.

Banana - SF

5 scan bran - Healthy B
Salmon Pate - Free
Baby Plum Tomato (about 15) - SF

I was at a gig hence the busy-ness and the weird food/drink.

Snacks and drinks:
Cockles in vinegar - free
5 x vodka - 12.5 syns
Celery with Salmon Pate.
5 x cups of tea SS milk (healthy A)

So managed to stay on plan rather than the could have been disaster day but didn't eat much. I'll probably make up for it today with my roast dinner. I've steady decided to syn the roast potatoes!
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