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Hen night

You've started this week and you want to drink in a couple of weeks? Have you asked your Consultant what s/he thinks?

The choice is totally yours, but I'm looking at your signature sentence...
I'm going to take the other view! Go for it, have a small meal before you go out, then enjoy yourself and get straight back on the wagon next day! I've done it a couple of times since I started and it hasn't affected my weightlosses. Plus it means I've not felt deprived and I've managed to fit the diet around me, which I think will be my key to success! But, I've always known I'd get right back at it next day, and I've had to put up with feeling a bit bleurgh for a day or two while getting back into ketosis. So if you honestly think you'll struggle to get back on track then stick to the fizzy water and be proud to tell people why!:) x
Because I'm not in ketosis my cdc said that I should be ok and to have a small meal before I go out x
Youre not in ketosis just now but by the time the hen night comes around you will be. The first time on a VLCD really is the best, you need to really think hard about this before you do it. If you think its worth it for the sake of a few drinks then fair enough but you have to make sure youre well and truly out of ketosis before you go out. You can still be with your friend and have a great night without alcohol. Its not like youre planning on missing the whole night. Its only one night, would it really be SO bad to have just safe drinks??

Getting back on the wagon after a break isnt always as easy as you may think
Speaking for myself, had I done something like this so early on I'm almost certain I'd never have got back on the wagon. I don't mean to offend but if you're so tempted to do this at this early stage you may not have the willpower and determination to get right back to it. I know that at least for me, alcohol = food and a few 'innocent' drinks could lead to a major blowout, which could set in motion the same vicious circle most of us here dread - guilt, shame, more food, more guilt.... You actually can have an enjoyable evening with friends without having to drink or eat what you shouldn't. Try it, you'll be so proud of yourself and so pumped - after it's all over I really wonder whether you'll think it was worth it... You've still got time to think about it but really weigh the pros and cons before you decide! :)
Sorry, but I personally wouldn't do it. I'm too keen to lose as much weight as I possibly can before coming off the diet in October. Plus, I know from personal experience that getting back on the diet is not that easy.

I guess that it's a personal thing and only you know whether you can get back on track the following day without causing a real damage to your weight loss.

Good luck in whatever you decide.
I have decided to go. I know alot of you will be thinking, she obviously isn't ready or she isn't taking it seriously. But at the end of the day it is just 1 day out of 7 and even if I do go ott in that day, I know I will get back on track the next. I am ready to lose weight as I have a lot to keep me on track and I'm actually enjoying it. So if I'm enjoying it why not get back on track x

I will not give up this time

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