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Hen's rollercoaster diary

Right I am starting this diary after the mega binge after weigh in wednesday and yesterday morning. Since I am supposed to be on a sugar free diet and when I don't stick to it I suffer from mood swings, depression, bloating and nausea. I lost two stone with s/w last year and decided to rejoin last month. I have rejoined not only to lose another stone but also to get control over the sugar. my diet was so restricted on the sugar free diet that I ended up binging all the time so I thought that if I rejoin slimming world at least I shall have that extra bit of motivation. This worked until Wednesday.
I felt so ill yesterday that I nearly took the day of work after my binge, I never want to feel like that again so it starts today. I want to be a healthy happy Hen.....:p
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Good Luck!

Well done for your loss so far and for staying on track after the blip! I think thats the hardest part!!!


Managed to resist the lindt bunnies, they've gone with me fella to his house out the way! had porridge, bbeans and cod so far with a muller light and 2 alpen light bars=6 syns. Alpen bars all gone now, which is a good thing cos those fudge ones are so good! Aldi cod is good cos you can cook it from frozen in microwave. Having extra easy day today, trying to limit my syns cos of wed and thursday's binge. mood not too bad today considering the weather. Smoking too much tho.
Hello!! Hehe, your last post reminded me a bit of bridget jones diary. Good tactic for palming off the easter bunnies, you've more willpower than me.
I've not tried EE yet (too scared), how you finding it? x
I absolutely love EE, but not been on it long enough yet to see how it affects me. Had a slight hiccup yesterday with it being easter and the trip to the seaside. this morning i was terrified cos i had a dream about weigh in last night, I put on three stone in a week!!
Been on scales today just to check- not put any on (phew!) I am delighted! I deserve to after wed and thurs. Original day today cos then i can use my two b choices on big bowl of porridge instead of having to syn half of it on EE.
Had great fun earlier, was playing about with nero on my laptop, it edits songs, so I put some girls aloud music in it and changed the speed and got on my trampoline and bounced about to it. Thought i was gonna die from exhaustion!
Had my porridge B choice x 2
syn free yog
co op minced lamb hot pot half a syn
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Ouch! Finally realised why my tits have been hurting- not been wearing a bra whilst using the trampoline i've so got myself a sports one yesterday. Got spots! I never ever get spots. Ed says it's porridge cos they give him them, so had muesli instead.
What's going on??? I'm depressed, anxious, stressed, weak... The side effects I normally get from binging- and I haven't. Feels like totm but it isn't. Maybe I'll feel better after tea.
Feel good today, I know i oversynned at weekend but because i didn't have many thur or fri i think i've balanced it out so not worried. My bum is killing me after six mile bike ride, maybe have another one later.
Today I have eaten
a choice x2 500ml rice milk
b choice x2 56g muesli

pasta in sauce macaroni cheese 1
sw chips
batchelors mushroom savoury rice
aldi optifit yog 1.5
easiyo berry yog
danone activia fat free yog

Weigh in tomorrow- this is a list of things I have achieved this week-
Ride on new bike Sunday- 6 miles
Ride on bike Monday- 5 miles
Only had one mini yorkie at 6 syns at work and stopped even tho there were several more in box.
Resisted the packet of my favourite biscuits on shelf at work.
Stayed within my syns allowance.
Realised how ill cheating makes me feel and stopped doing it!
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Just had a quick read through your diary. Its great how you're getting to grips with your eating and you'll find that the more you write things down and start to understand what makes you feel good and what makes you feel bad will address that balance.

Well done on the bike rides. I put my bike into the repair shop to get fixed and when I got the bill I realised I can't afford to get it out till pay day. So my bike is currently being held hostage.

Have a great day today x
had an awful week, a week ago today something terrible happened to me and it's left me really traumatised. I've been struggling to eat and had lost 4 pound at weigh in. The doctor gave me sleeping pills and wants me to go back if i don't improve. Thankfully my boyfriend cooked a lovely meal last night for when i returned from weigh in and i managed to eat it. So today i am getting my food optimising book out and going to try really hard
ok, hen time to sort yourself out, you need food to feed the mind so you'll never get better without it. Your gorgeous new foster cat needs you, if you're ill they'll take her away back to the cattery where she was unhappy, get in the kitchen and cook some bloody dinner!!!!

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