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Here comes the weekend...

Wooh ooh, it's Friday!! :party0049:

What lies ahead for you this weekend, food wise? Are you able to keep on track, or have you any social stuff going on that's going to spoil it?

I am lucky that I have a quiet one ahead, with hubby cooking tandoori chicken tomorrow night, so shouldn't be too bad for me. However, I have just had to have a McBacon roll!! No probs, just eat fruit for the rest of the day and a small dinner. If you can't treat yourself on a Friday when can you eh?!! :party0048:
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hahaha Damn ok this is getting too weird now Cap lol I have just posted the same..I'll delete mine if I can haha
Nope wouldn't let me delete so I changed it lol

Tomorrow is Mr Fuffas birthday so I'm taking him out for a meal. It's going to be hard because it's the first time in three weeks I'm eating out and I've no idea what I can have thats low in fat and cals.Does anyone have any suggestions?

Sunday I think I'll clean the house and have a lay in lol

Whats everyone elses plans?


A little of everything!
A night out with friends tomorrow night, which means a pi**-up! LOL! I'll just have to eat carefully tomorrow, and try & quietly 'miss' a few rounds?....
It's freezing but dry here today. I'll take my girls shopping tomorrow, I have a wedding in 2wks I sort of need an outfit for (I have one, but wouldn't mind something 'new'?)- it would do the Christmas party as well then. Then Sunday I'll probably not be fit to do much except tidy round.... ;$
hahaha Damn ok this is getting too weird now Cap lol I have just posted the same..I'll delete mine if I can haha
This is getting freaky isn't it?!! haha!!! Maybe we were sisters in another life or something!!!

I have no plans at all this weekend :sigh: but I think I'll be sorting out the garage at some point to get a load of bike gear on EBay to fund my Christmas shopping addiction! Other than that, I have no idea. I cleaned last night as I had visitors, so I have a nice quiet weekend in a sparkling clean house! Mind you, with two white cats who constantly play fight, it doesn't stay clean long, big lumps of white fur everywhere :rolleyes: lol
Haha Cap. I wish we were. I've always wanted a sister instead I got three brothers (Who I love dearly even though they're all pains in the bums lol)

Gosh I wish I could just stop dieting this is getting really boring now. I know I'm not too far off target but can I really lose 19lbs before Christmas doing this rather than CD? I'm feeling deprived tbh. All my friends are out drinking and having a laugh and it's depressing me that I'm having to stay away ( If I didn't I would come off the wagon) I just wish xmas would hurry up now lol

Irishmum what kind of dress are you after?
I had that dilemma last week Irishmum. I wanted something for a wedding next weekend, and something for my Christmas party, and husb's party too...but I couldn't find anything suitable, so have ended up buying a semi-casual dress to dress up for the wedding, but which will look lush with thick tights and boots for day wear too.

Oh poor you Jenn! I thought it was bad enough having 2 sisters (I am stuck in the middle) but 3 brothers?! Wow, rather you than me!! I always wanted a brother though, all those girls in one house was hard work. My poor dad!!

P.S - 19lbs by Christmas - that sounds like a challenge to me :p go girl!!!

Just think of how much better you'll feel in your party frocks knowing that you have lost all that weight - it'll sooo be worth it! Don't despair, you're doing great. And also to take into consideration is the money you're saving by not going out much, and your health by not drinking, lol!! Hang on in there ;)



A little of everything!
Hmm.. not sure. I have big hips/tummy, not bad legs & shoulders, and prom/halterneck styles tend to suit me? I have a black strapless prom dress with beading that I haven't actually worn yet- but I don't like wearing black to weddings? I think it's a little morbid? But it IS a winter wedding, so I could 'lift' it with silver accessories? I'll probably end up wearing it- I can't really afford a new dress, but if I saw something that was a bargain I'd get the cash from somewhere?! :pThank God most of my friends are like me- married with young kids so I don't miss out on too many nights out- but when we DO get together it's a siege! LOL!:) I'm half dreading saturday night! (& getting up Sunday morning with the girls...:sigh:)
I almost ended up in black for the wedding. I think it's different, and black is always classy. How about a plum/purply/dark red wrap and matching handbag to spice it up a bit? I ended up with an aubergine dress, and I am either wearing a black wrap, black shoes and aubergine bag (I just happened to have one already - thank god for my shoe and bag fetish!!) or a bronze wrap and matching shoes. Sometimes it's all about the accessories, and a nice coloured wrap will detract the eye from all that black. The dress sounds lush though, I'd go with that and save some money ;)


A little of everything!
I like the idea of adding 'berry' accessories, I have cerise, red, and purple wraps (and matching shoes in cerise & purple)...I may keep an eye out for a pair of red shoes though, I have a gorgeous red diamante necklace...they'll always come in handy round Christmas won't they...(any excuse! hee-hee....)
we're having a chinese takeaway this evening. I havent a clue what to order, i usually have egg fried rice with bbq sauce and thats all but that is very high in calories isnt it!?!
Does anyone know what I can have thats 'healthy' Ive only had 181 cals today so ive got well over 1000 to play with tonight... along with a bottle of red wine :)
Hope everyone has a good weekend oo and my clothes are getting looser :) woo hoo xxxxxxx
118 calories at this time of day is really low, you need at least 400 calories by now (that is assuming you got up around 7am for work etc)

i try not to save calories in one day alone, but throughout the week.
eg. if im going out next friday evening i will take my 1200 calorie a day and subtract 100 calories a day so i can save them (so to speak) for the following week, which is 700 calories, and dont forget id still have approx 800 calories to add to that as i would only eat 400 calorie that day before dinner time.
soo thats a huge 1500 calories to play with.

i know theres not alot you can do as its tonight, but please dont starve yourself too much, your gonna cause yourself damage. xxx

oh and good chinese options are, anything with a black bean sauce, (lower in cals) and boiled rice instead of fried. Soup for starter. oh and jelly and ice cream for desert...mmmm!!

avoid, anything fried, and sauces that are red tend to be more calorie consuming.
hope ive helped. xx

ps. have a nice night out, you lucky thing, wish i was going out :( lol


A little of everything!
No starter (or soup if you must), any dish with chicken/meat/fish with plenty of veg, no sauce and don't bother with the rice/noodles (or split a portion of boiled rice)- they're empty cals and you'll be getting enough of those with the wine! LOL! I usually get chicken/king prawn with veg, no sauce and have room (cal & tummy wise!) for a dessert, or an extra beer?:p
Oh- and I agree with the not starving until you go out thing- you need a decent breakfast to kick-start your metabolism, and leaving too long between food will lead to cravings, which can sabotage your efforts? I do what Danidoot does, but in a more 'extreme' way- I'll save up maybe 200cals from the day before, 200 from the day itself, and save 200 the next day- and drink LOADS of water as Chineses food is notorious for water retention! I ALWAYS gain 3-4lbs for a few days after- no matter what I eat! Enjoy!
I'm eating out at a friend's tonight and I have no idea what's on the menu. So, I'm going to go and make sure I make the best choice I can when I get there. I'll be consciously filling up on lots of salad.

Tomorrow I'll be really busy working between 8-4 so hopefully I won't be thinking about food too much. I have a few things in the cupboard I can rustle up in the evening just for me. Then I just have to be guarded against the curse of curling up on the sofa with Saturday night TV. I'm usually so tempted to have a pizza or go out and buy nibbles and wine.

I'm cooking a big Sunday lunch on Sunday - vegan for one of the guests so that'll be nice and healthy. Although it's hard work, I much prefer cooking than letting someone else. That way I know exactly what's gone in it.

On Sunday evening I'm catching a train to my boyfriend's, spending my week's holiday with him. Planning on stocking the cupboard's with lots of healthy gorgeous stuff.
i'm off to chicago!!!!!!!!!!! woop a nice week off, well not off CC tho.
will continue to count and try and stick to my calories... dont know how many calories are in those world famous deep dish pizzas :s hmmmm will i be good? YES i will :)
I let up somewhat on the weekend and don't worry about it so much. Throwing a couple of higher calorie days in somewhere (I alternate them) helps keep me from hitting a plateau.

My boyfriend is over this weekend and I tend to eat snack type foods a lot instead of proper meals when he's here.:rolleyes:

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