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Here it goes! The journey to a Skinny Scottish Hottie begins!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by LossieLady, 7 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. LossieLady

    LossieLady Member

    So for the FINAL time I am beginning my SW journey. House moves, husband in the forces, childbirth, family stress etc has led me back to comfort food and I've crept up to a weight that is seriously affecting my self confidence. I just don't feel like ME anymore.

    So to start my journey I am enjoying:

    Breakfast: Big bowl of melon, kiwi, strawberries and pineapple. Apple pie Mullerlight (1 syn)

    Lunch: HExA 40g reduced fat cheese, HExB 2xsmall wholemeal slices, tomato and cucumber.
    Sweet potato, butternut squash, bacon and chilli soup (homemade).

    Snack: Apple, 2 x satsumas

    Dinner: chicken stir fry with sweet chilli sauce (3 syns)

    Asda whirly bite (4 syns) asda caramel bite (4 syns)

    Snack: carrots

    Total 12 syns

    60 lengths at swimming pool

    Wish me luck! :D
    Last edited: 7 April 2014
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  3. seadie

    seadie Full Member

    Good luck x
  4. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

  5. LossieLady

    LossieLady Member

    Thank you! I am a proper foodie so any 'diet' that restricts my grub is NOT for me haha. Taking it a week at a time and thought posting on here will make me be more honest about the food I am eating x
  6. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

    This forum really helps me stay on track, as does being accountable for what I'm eating.

    I'm the same, I have to keep my meals varied or I just fall off the wagon! I also plan in advance so it makes it easier for me to keep on track :)
  7. LossieLady

    LossieLady Member

    Totally. Planning ahead is key for me.

    Well no food diary for me today I am afraid. Been struck down by a horrific bout of tonsillitis so been bed ridden most of the day :-(

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  8. LossieLady

    LossieLady Member

    Feeling a bit more human today but got a bit of an appetite and it's not as painful to eat.

    Brekkie: scrambled eggs on toast (dash milk 1 syn) (ketchup 1.5 syns) with HExB wholemeal bread. Followed by a handful of strawberries and a pear.

    Lunch: Cous cous salad.

    Dinner: got a friend visiting so going to cook hunters chicken with boiled pots and steamed carrots and leeks.

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  9. LossieLady

    LossieLady Member

    Hmmm I can't see my earlier status so here goes.

    Brekkie: scrambled eggs on hexb toast. Dash milk (1 syn) ketchup (1.5syns) handful if strawberries and a pear

    Snack: grapes and mullerlight

    Lunch: cous cous salad

    Dinner: hunters chicken with hexa cheese and chips with carrots and leek

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  10. LossieLady

    LossieLady Member

    Grr third time lucky trying to post today.

    Breakfast was scrambled eggs with hexb toast. Dash milk (1syn) ketchup (1.5syns) handful of strawbs and a pear.

    Snack if grapes and banoffee mullerlight (1syn)

    Lunch: cous cous salad

    Dinner: hunters chicken with sw chips and carrots and leeks.
    Last edited: 9 April 2014
  11. LossieLady

    LossieLady Member

    Today was a stressful day and I'm so rundown iv broken out in coldsores :-(

    Breakfast was melon grapes and strawberries.

    Lunch was hexa and b for cheese salad sandwich. An apple.

    Dinner was Phili lightest cheese (50g for 3syns) with tagliatelle, peppers, onions with a rocket salad.

    Tonight I'm going to snack on a fruit salad. Try and boost my vit c intake.

    EDOT - hubby brought home a bulmers for me to cheer me up. I told him off, then drank it!! (12 syns)

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    Last edited: 11 April 2014
  12. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

    Have you tried taking a lysine supplement? It really help me prevent my cold sores, which I always get when I'm run down or poorly :(
  13. LossieLady

    LossieLady Member

    Oh I have never heard of that before. Will need to check it out. Thanks!

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  14. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

    They sell it in holland and Barrett. It also occurs naturally in leafy green veg like spinach and kale etc.

    Really works for me, but as with all coldsore treatments, you have to kind of give it a go :(
  15. SarahButterfly

    SarahButterfly Full Member

    Food looks great! Hope you feel better soon.
  16. LossieLady

    LossieLady Member

    Hmmm I dont really do kale or spinach so will def take a look. Thanks for the info x

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  17. LossieLady

    LossieLady Member

    Today's day goes like this:

    Breakfast: melon, grapes and frozen raspberries

    Snack: banana and muller light banoffee (1 syn)

    Lunch: HExA and HExB cheese salad sandwich. Sliced pepper.

    Snack: apple and kiwi.

    Dinner: ww sausages (1 syn for two) with sw chips, steamed leeks and syn free red onion gravy.

    Syns spent on 2 vodka and lemonades (5syns) and freddo (5syns)
    Last edited: 11 April 2014
  18. LossieLady

    LossieLady Member

    Lovely relaxing day at home with my boys today. My plan is:

    Brekkie - I had 2 ww sausages (1syn) scrambled egg with dash milk (1syn) lean bacon, beans and 1 slice wholemeal bread (0.5 hexb) ketchup (2syns)

    I struggle to have superfree with cooked breakfast as u dont like cooked toms or mushrooms, so I didn't have any with brekkie.

    Lunch - a light fruit salad as I'm not that hungry

    Dinner - pasta arriabata with hexa cheese sprinkled on top with a rocket salad. 2 slices small garlic bread (6syns)

    Half a lindt bunny (50g I ate, 12 syns)

    Bit over on the syns today. But hey compared to my usual Saturday nights it is massive progress!! Think I'll aim for low/no syn day tomorrow!

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    Last edited: 12 April 2014
  19. LossieLady

    LossieLady Member

    Just sitting down, hectic morning.

    Breakfast: banana, orange and pear

    Lunch: hexa and hexb cheese toastie with side salad

    Dinner: roast chicken, roast potatoes (done in frylight), cabbage and steamed carrots and leeks. Homemade syn-free gravy.

    Going food shopping later so think I'll pick up some options hot choc so I feel like I'm getting a treat later. Maybe get some strawberries to have with it. V low syn day to make up for yesterdays mischief!

    Hope everyone has a lovely relaxing sunday. Iv just put my son down for his nap so may steal a wee 40 winks myself!

    Edit- mint options (2syns) with a bowl of defrosted raspberries and some pineapple x

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    Last edited: 13 April 2014
  20. LossieLady

    LossieLady Member

    Yeehaa! 3.5lbs off. V happy with that as I had ice cream for dinner the night my tonsillitis peaked.

    Inspired me this week to be 100% on plan.

    Breakfast - strawberries, kiwi and grapes and yogurt

    Snack - orange

    Lunch - cheese salad swich (hexa and b) banana

    Snack - red pepper

    Dinner - syn free chicken jalfrezi done in the slow cooker (lots of superfree chopped toms, onion and peppers) brown basmati rice and poppadoms (4syns)

    Going to have an options hot choc (2syns) and one or two choc bites from asda (4 or 8 syns if I have two!)

    Total syns 10 or 14

    Have a fabby Monday!

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    Last edited: 14 April 2014
  21. LossieLady

    LossieLady Member

    Lovely day and the sun is shining. I was going to go for a walk this lunchtime but instead I have to make an Easter bonnet for my son for nursery on Thursday, eeep! Will get out tonight with my dog instead for some body magic.

    Breakfast: french toast (HExB) with (2 syns) ketchup frozen berries

    Snack - grapes and strawberries

    Lunch: egg salad, apple

    Snack: pineapple, yoghurt (syn free shape yoghurt)

    Dinner: chorizo, onion and pepper risotto, tomato salad (3 syns for chorizo)

    Lindt bunny 50g (12 syns)

    HExA cheese cubes, pineapple and pickled onions.
    Last edited: 16 April 2014

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