Here we are again :-( please let me be loosing weight for good this time

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  1. Loopyleanne

    Loopyleanne Full Member


    firstly sorry, I saw the forum title and have come over all ranty!

    i am struggling and my goodness I have re-started diets so sooooooo many times I'm just sick of it. Sick of yo-yo'ing all the time. Slimming world, soups, weight watchers, fitness pal online, my own diet, replacement shakes, I have tried and failed. Well I lost weight and failed to keep it off.

    Yo yo diet all my life and then 2.5 years ago I lost over three stone on SW to fall preggers with my gorgeous daughter who is now 20 months old. I was still dangerously overweight when pregnant. I needed a c-section and contracted an infection that almost killed me. Not totally my weights fault but not a help. Last year I lost 3 stone again at slimming world to put it all back on again.

    My my little one is fast turning into a little girl and I want to give her a brother or sister (sooooo broody!) and I want to be able to run about anf play with my little one and not be such a risk to my health. 14 stones to loose. I feel like a disgrace and so guilty I have got like this and with a little one to look after too I feel like a horrid mum.

    Please she I need support to stick to plan long term. I need to get my head In The game and go for it.

    Any help advice welcome. Sorry for the rant x
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  3. TracyGWill

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    Hi, hon. :) You might like to check out the WEMITTS part of the forum, under Slimming Clubs - it's specifically for people with a lot to lose, regardless of what plan they follow. It's great for motivation and support, as everyone on there is in it for the long haul - the forum name is short for We Mean It This Time, lol. Good luck! :) xx
  4. Loopyleanne

    Loopyleanne Full Member

    Ooo that sounds great, thank you I will- I love the name WEMITTS- Sounds like exactly what I need :) x
  5. ZenDogNine

    ZenDogNine Full Member

    Loopyleanne: I just wanted to reply as it seems wrong to read and do nothing. I'm at the start of my latest journey too - having gone up and down, tried this and that, every diet, with bells on and some success followed by regains. I know it is so hard to restart as you come to it already feeling like you can't do it - I always think my best chance was the first chance, when it was new and I hadn't failed yet. I don't have children, but at 35, I am desperate to have them and the reason I don't is that my weight, and all the masses of baggage that comes with it, have put such a strain on my relationship that we can't even think about things like children and marriage (both of which mean more to me than anything in the world). You have a beautiful daughter but you can't do this for her. You have to do it for you lovely. I think you almost have to take everything else out of the equation - wanting to be a better mum and wanting another baby - and just focus on you. I am starting slimming world too (joining tomorrow) and I know I do best when I am supported - but I've had support from my bf and family and they've been so happy with I have lost and then had to deal with the fall-out when I gained it back. This time, I'm being a bit selfish. I'm not doing it for them - I am doing it for me and I am going to silence the voices in my head that say 'should' because the only word I need is 'can'. If you need support, come here. I'll happily listen anytime and there are others who will do the same. You can do it if you want to do it for you. It's not going to be easy (but things like this never are) but you absolutely can and that's what you can tell yourself every day before you even get out of bed - 'today, I can, I will'. Best of luck lovely.
  6. Loopyleanne

    Loopyleanne Full Member


    i'm not sure I can put into words how much your message has meant to me except to say thank you so much for 2 things- firstly putting things in perspective and secondly for making me feel hopeful :)

    You are right, I have others as my motivation but i really do need to do this for me. Strange really, how it's really easy for me to be very genuine when I say to you that you're not being selfish at all, you are right to think of yourself in your goal to loose weight, but not easy to tell myself the same thing...... One step at a time I guess.
    I can say that 'today, I can, I will' has just become my daily affirmation / mantra! I need a much more positive inner voice so this sounds just the thing.

    Thank you for sharing with me about your own struggle and want of children & marriage. Your story struck a chord with me both in my want for children (my daughter was born after a 10 yr struggle with my health as well as weight but that's another story) and also how weight issues has much baggage and affects relationships really very deeply. But Hun, you give top advice and sound as if you have your head in a positive place for change. Thank you for helping me get to a more positive place too with your advice.
    I hope your journey started with slimming world goes well, I'd love to help support you where I can too. Restarting is so hard so well done for taking the first step. I just need to do the same now. Hoping our kitchen will be fitted in a fortnight so I can start then, christening the new kitchen with healthy food :-D

  7. Hi loopy- look forward to reading more of your weightloss journey. Hugs xoxo
  8. Loopyleanne

    Loopyleanne Full Member

    Hi forever starting over,
    Thanks Hun, hope I can support others like they have already supported me on this site :)

  9. loopyloulou

    loopyloulou Full Member

    Hey there, from one loopy to another. Here is my story. I wrote this on the VLCD section and I found it really helpful to finally put it down in words. I have done almost every diet under the sun, but am still morbidly obese. Here's to slimdom

    Hello, I apologise in advance if I go on a bit

    My name is Charlie and I am seriously in need of losing a ton of weight. I have always been overweight but it has got to the point where I have reached my heaviest ever (even heavier than when I was in the last stages of pregnancy).

    I feel so uncomfortable, my self esteem is at an all time low and I am embarrassed by how I look. My friends and family often see me as big and bubbly, but inside I am cringing. I put on a front for everyone. I want to be happy :(

    I have tried (and failed) at every diet under the sun, but have finally reached breaking point where I really need to do something about this. My GP was worse than useless when I went for help, so went away and put on more weight instead:confused:

    My husband is always telling me he loves me whatever size I am, but at 18 stone 3 pound I don't see how he can even bare to look at me. I try very hard to not let him see me naked and our sex life has all but disappeared as I feel so gross and don't want him touching me. I am snoring dreadfully and he has told me I stop breathing sometimes. Really don't want sleep apnoea on top of everything else

    I tried CD about 3 years ago and managed to lose about 3 stone over about 4 months and felt great but struggled with lack of food. I have spent time researching other VLC diets and have come across STW. From what I understand you have 3 shakes and a low carb meal, is this right?

    I have always struggled to lose weight, even when sticking to an eating plan. Had my thyroid tested, but GP said results were within normal parameters. Was hoping I could use that as an excuse for not shifting the weight, but obviously not!!!! I am so tired all the time (don't think it probably helps I work full time nights, I have done this for years now) and am hoping that by shifting the excess weight I will get more energy.

    I wrote that on Monday and am nearly a week into a new me. I am determined not to go back to where I was. I have my mind in the right place. I am looking forward to the future.

    If I can do this, you can too. I am the most weak willed person, but have reached breaking point. Hoping I have found the right eating plan for me.

    Hope you find whats right for you and lose the weight and keep it off. I am sure the easy bit is losing the weight but the hardest part is keeping it off.

    Stay strong and positive. YOU CAN DO THIS

    Charlie x

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