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Here we go again

Hi:wave_cry: My name is Diane and i've restarted back on SS yesterday and doing okay. I want to lose about 3-4 stone and hopefully 3stone by the time i go on holiday on the 12th september.This time i have the support of my OH which i hope he will encourage me all the way.I did weigh this morning and i'm down 5lbs already.
Good luck everyone
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Hi Diane, I wish you all the very best of luck, you sound very determined which in my opinion is half the battle!!:rolleyes:
I have toyed with the idea of CD for years but have never dared go for it for many reasons, money, lack of food:D etc.
But, I am still 4stone overweight and back on my xenical tabs. What are the shakes etc like? And why do you opt for SS instead of one meal is it an all or nothing thing?? The other thing is once you come off it do you not just revert back to old ways and put it back on??
I would love your opinion and decide wether to go for it myself!!
I would love to lose the weight once and fo all and get on with my life instead of being on a permanent flippin diet!!:cry:
Your advice would be greatly appreciated please.:D
Hi Lubylu

I was successful back in 2006 but then my dad died and i caved in completely.I tried the xenical tablets and the side effects were so bad i stopped taking them after about 7 days - yuk.
I like the shakes, i buy the tetra briks which are already mixed although they are quite small but they are convenient. I have bought a shaker that i can mix the powder shakes in so will get some of these next week. One of my favorites is the vegetable soup - yummy.Cambridge also do chewy bars that you can have after week 2 and only one a day they are also really nice. I'm an all or nothing dieter, i feel me in control taking food out of the equation completely. Once i get near my goal there is a plan where you step up the calories so i intend following that this time. I will admit its very hard to stick to but its worth it. I normally lose just under a stone in the first week and thereafter about 3-4lbs each week, sometimes more. The cost is just under £40 pounds per week and to be honest i spend more on that on food for myself for the week. I would highly recommend it the weight just falls off and you don't have to do it all the way to goal, you could just shift a couple of stone then work up the plan and you will continue to lose even doing that. Give it a go , but do not cheat as you will find it very hard to get back on the wagon, you only have to sacrifice yourself for about 8-10 weeks and you'll easily lose 2-3 stone. You won't get this kinda weightloss on ay other diet apart from lighter life, this is the same sort of diet but i've heard the shakes taste awful and it costs you £66 per week - ouch. Good Luck give it a go
Thanks for the info Diane that is very helpful.
I need to lose 4 stone so would welcome a quick weight loss and def will consider it.
I am following the 3 day diet at the min but don't feel too good as think my body is used to carbs and caffeine too much.
Good luck with your weight loss hun would love to know how you get on.
hi diane, i too am ss'ing til hols early sept.
good luck.
just keep posting daily and we will keep you motivated!
oh and well done on the 5lbs already. brill!!!!

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