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Simple Solutions Here we go again :)

After losing quite a bit on lipotrim about 4 years ago I have pinged about not really dieting and ever increasing my weight up to an amazing 26 stone odd.
I have spent years a bit gutted about being fat but not too fussed about getting anything done - till recently.
I have something burning inside me at the moment like an amazing powerful desire to lose a whacking great pile of weight.

There are several options but total replacement always works quite well for me I find plus it negates 'any' options I could use as cheats.
It's not going to be easy, in fact it's going to be a bugger but hopefully
My deter nation to succeed will help a bit, along with support from you guys hopefully ;)

I suffer (lots) with gout so total meal replacement is a bad option but I will make sure I batter my allopurinol and give it a go at least.
Best get some breath mints too and plenty of water (fizzy always my fave)

At 26 stone odd I can afford to lose easily 10 stone and looked fantastic at 12 stone but that's a real challenge.
My first goal is 20 get there and I will be happy for now after that I'll be thinner than I have been for 10 years - heck I might even get a gf from it all, weight always scaring them away in the past though they lovey personality for some reason. I end up with more close girl friends than soft mick lol.
Agh well let's see how it goes eh. My order is placed for a bumper box of shakes and bars and I am determined so fingers crossed for me folks.

Good luck to everyone in the same boat xx
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Wishing you lots of luck and sending LOADS of positive vibes!! You sound in the 'zone' mentally so are more likely to succeed. I'm in my second week on TS after umpteen restarts . I was on Cambridge for 10 months back in 2006 and lost 10st - lost my mojo in 2007 though and have struggled to rediscover it until now.

You know the routine - you can do it!! Come on here often - we're all behind you :)
Thanks for the reply, I am actually getting quite excited which is unusual as I know what to expect when the packs arrive and those first horrid days waiting for ketosis to kick in, then the smelly breath etc lol.

I am very determined this time around and dont worry, I need to lose 10 stone minimum and then I could easily drop another 4 or 5 before getting to a regular weight.
I bet losing 15 stone at 35 though will leave me with a lot of yukky skin :p

ah well at least I can buy clothes then off the peg - god Ill be going mad in the menswear dept :D
Right and I am off

Had a farewell to food meal with family yesterday and this morning I am off to the dietician to get told how terrible VLCDs are etc etc and I should have a bag of two bags of veg and a bag of meat or whatever they dole out info wise now.

I haven't had my first shake yet but will probably get it down after the dieticians, I am off to mothers as I have a weeks annual leave this week and can relax a tiny bit for a change.

I will get a weigh in whilst I am there as my scales dont go high enough for me !!! I reckon I am probably not far off 28 stone but I could be wrong.
Overall I need to lose 10 stone to start then possibly another 4-6 on top of that so my exante journey will be long and tough no doubt.
I am however VERY determined to stick to it and in the right place mentally so I hope I can keep it up over the coming months/year.

I intend to have xmas day off, not to binge but I will have a lunch at least. I am not bothered about booze either as I don't drink a lot though I will miss pop :(

well here we go I guess, Ill get my starting weight up later on and lets watch it drop eh :D

game on!


Here to help :-)
Hi Lindopski, both of us have quiet a way to go on this programme. I too have been convinced that Exante can help undo the damage I have done my health and wealth by being obese. Good to have another male on here.

Best of Luck,

Not only that Conor, we are both celtic as well - Welsh and Irish so we should stick together lol.
I have just come back from the dietician and he tells me that I am 166 kilos - that works out just about 26 stone 1lb ish.
Ive set my target to 14 stone, this should be fun - the dietician only wants me to stick on Exante for 6 weeks,but tbh I reckon I will be on it for far longer.

I want to buy clothes off the shelf for the first time in about 20 years (I love the stuff they wear in the oxford comma video I like but you need to be like a stick) which will be good plus at 35 I am approaching heart attack country now so have to be good.

I have had two shakes now, well a banana shake with physillium husk in it, it makes the shake ming but it helps keep your fibre up.
and mother gave me a soup to try - thai chicken which was nice too.

Have to see how I get on now :)
Hi Lindopski, I'm in N wales too! I'm on day 1 today and feel hungry but so determined this will be the last time I ever have to start to lose weight again. I've lost 3 stone on slimming world in about 6 months but I want to be thin for my 30th next august so it needs to come off a lot quicker. You never know I might be in a bikini by the summer??!!!!
Ditzen stick to this and you Deffo will be in your bikini. Vlcds are unpleasant to start with but stick it 100% and ketosis kicks in and you then forget about grub. Problem is munch anything bad and come out of ketosis and you get the mad hunger.
If you can stay away from temptation then you'll be a size 8 before you know it ;) - photo shoot time and beating the blokes off with a big stick.


Here to help :-)
God man Lindopski, you've made a good start. Well done on manning up and taking the husks. I am on them too and had a "result" after just one tablespoon every day for the past 2 days. Just a word to the wise, I see on the pack I got that it expands to 30 times its original size, so it recommends not to take it 30 minutes before a Meal or 60 mins after. Not 100% sure if that applies to us, but I'm heeding the recommendation & it's working out fine for me.

just been looking and when I attain my goal, I will have lost more than I actually weigh by a lb :D
I wonder how long it takes to lose 183 lbs :S
You just prompted me to work it out (I'm crap with lbs as I think in stones!) and when I finish and am 10 stone I will have lost 157 lbs from my original weight a few months ago when I started dieting. That's a whole person!!
all good so far cept for killer headache,though cocodamol sored that eventually.


Here to help :-)
Fair play to you for sticking with it. From what I've read, the water is a big help, it has worked for me so far.

Good luck to-day,

no more headaches but energy levels very low now,all shakes yummy but tescb ultra slim bars win the barfight.
i can manage husk just fine now, day 4 down yay.
Day 5, no major adverse effects and even my gout is at bay which is nice.
last night I had a complete and total energy drain at 9pm - falling asleep in the chair etc but today I feel great.
I think my 7am-1am days are going to be curtailed now I am on this diet. I suppose a healthy normal sleep routine cant be a bad thing.
righto off for a delicious shake for brekkie :D

Still on Annual Leave at the moment so its nice and relaxed, id have already left by now normally :p
Doh my kitchen floor is being screeded at the mo and I cant get to the tap - I hoped Id beat the builders home.
Im getting a bit thirsty now :p and I havent had my morning shake yet, and its on way to lunch now.
I should have had it at 7 when I got up - Dozy!!

I hope they dont take ages as its only a lino type affair that is going down.

For day 5 I feel pretty good to be honest, I thought Id be feeling a bit lousy by now but that seemed to come and go early on - dont think I am in ketosis yet though mouth IS starting to taste slightly odd - a small tinge, no dragon breath yet though.
how are you other November starters holding out

Hi, well done for making a start, you sound really positive. I'm on Day 6 and so far not found it as difficult as I thought I would. Had a bit of an upset tum Day 3 and 5 though (sorry gross I know :eek:).

Dieticians mean well but I don't think they live in the real world. You choose what's right for you.

Good luck x
Dietician wants to see me again at the start of December and I know he wants to then wean me on to normal food :p
Maybe I will just fib and say I will do that and just keep exante'ing :D
I appreciate what the fella is saying as long term I do need to look at a meal plan that suits and will prevent me from piling it all back on again, however 4-6 weeks max on a VLCD is no use when your 26 stone :D - I need a minimum 6 months I reckon - possibly a year.
I am totally determined no matter what that I will lose ten stone at least this year.
Cant wait for weigh in, I have been hiding from my scales though I may have a sneak peek shortly :D

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