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Here we go......Just started


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I would like to thank this site for posting the points for Chinese takeaways.

I started weight watchers on Monday and this weekend is my father-in-laws birthday, surprise surprise he says we will have a chinese. I was starting to panic a bit but thanks to you I am gonna be able to have one.........

You all seem to be doing very well, keep it up!! x :)
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Welcome on board hun... and well done for getting started!!!

Enjoy every mouthfull of that chinese :D :D :D

If you need any help getting around the site or any help about anything... just holler!!!


Gen xxx


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I will do gen, I am sure I will need some help along the way but done ok (I think) for the last 3 days LOL.
well done... ur head is obviously in the right place!!! go for it and u'll be a skinny mini in the summer :D :D :D


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that is what I am hoping for, and reading all the other threads everyone is doing so well which is very encouraging!!

Hopefully I will be able to carry on reading them later as gotta pop out now.

Thank you again
Clair:D :D :D


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S: 16st9lb C: 13st0.5lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 3st8.5lb(21.67%)
Welcome Clare!! WW is a fab diet!! Never feel deprived at all! have fun experimenting with it xxx
Hi Clair

Welcome to the site, and good luck with your diet. The first few days are the hardest on a diet (I find) so now you're in the routine of it you're well on your way.

Like Starlight said, we're quite a small bunch, but everyone's really great and eager to help - I'd be lost without them all!

Look forward to seeing how you get on with ww - good luck!


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Does anyone know what happens if you dont eat all of your points at anytime or is it best to eat them ALL?

Sorry to keep asking but how much and what sort of excercise do you all do???? Thanks again
You can save up to four points in a day, but you must use them all by the end of the week. So you can save four points one day and have four extra the next day, or you can save four points for a few days to save up for a day/night out etc. I think the general rule is that you must use all your points in a week, and you shouldn't save more than four points in one day. A few people save points up so they can have a treat day with a takeaway or a few drinks etc, and that's fine, it's 'allowed' on ww - which is why we love it, lol.

I personally don't do any exercise, but I am (and always have been) very lazy and terribly unfit - I don't recommend following in my footsteps. I am considering joining our local gym, it includes classes and swimming (I really enjoy swimming - it's just the whole swimming costume part I don't like!) so that should push me into doing some exercise (if I'm paying for it then I'm sure OH will force me to go, lol).
First of all...

Secondly, when I save points I have to admit I don't go out of my way to have them by the end of the week. If I save them I save them, if I don't I don't. I think it helps to make sure you have all your points at least once or twice a week, as your body/metabolism will get used to you having the same all the time - having a different amount (and different meals) each day keeps your metabolism at peak performance!

Oh, and I've bought a trampette from a friend and am planning on doing that of an evening or something. I'm very lazy and hate exercise.

Good luck with your weight loss, I'm sure you'll do great! :D
Thanyou everyone for your replies.

This is my first week as you know and I have been struggling a bit trying to eat everything but last night a sorted it, I had 6 point left to have so I consumed 2 glasses of wine to top them up a bit....LOL

Anyway it is my first weighin tomorrow night so will have to see how I have done, hopefully I will have done as well as all of you have.......and if not :cry: I will just keep trying LOL:)
Hiya how many points are you on a day when i did ww along time ago i lost 1 stone and then it went on again and im back to square one with more weight on .And i never used all my points when i went to meeting and i was having alot left over after my tea but they say you must eat all points to lose weight.

Good luck for your weighing
I am on 21 points a day and am struggling, I went to ww about 3 yrs ago and lost 18 lbs but then as soon as I stopped I have done the same as you and put more on than what I started with last time.

It is getting to the stage where I will have to have a bag of crisps or something to get my point up......:)
Hiya what do you have for breakfast i will be on 27 points round about but dont go to meetings was thinking about it but i will have a job to use all mine so if you dont have them you wont lose weight i bet thats where ive been going wrong before with not eating what im allowed do you count fresh fruit in your points allowance
You do count fruit but it is only half or one point its not much, I have just been naughty and had a packet of crisps with my dinner to up my points (the only packet I have had this week I might add) as I have got a stir fry with chicken tonight which wont be much either!
Hiya what about having a choc treat or piece of cake i have noticed in the shopping guide all the foods are really low pointed so thats why you have a job at using them all quick you are best bulking meals out with veg or salad
I cant really answer the choc and cakes as I dont eat them much, well very very rarely anyway.

I tried piling my plate up with veg last night and it stuffed me out which ment I could'nt eat anything else after, thats why I had my glasses of wine lol

For breakfast I normally have cereal or toast thats about all I can stomache first thing in the morning.

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