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Here we go. :)

So I'd like a place to keep track of things and here looked nice. :)

I feel like I'm starting another stretch of road on my weight loss journey, all ready to get back on track. I don't know how much I weigh right now so for the moment I'm not going to record weights though I know it's around 160lb. I started at 179lb.

I'm going to go by how I feel and the fit of my clothes and how fit I feel. :D

Should be fast asleep right now ready for an early start at college in the morning, oh well. Hope to make good food choices tomorrow, and will try record most things/everything here. :)

Also.. if I am being brave I am going to try out my very first Zumba class! Should be fun. I hope you don't have to book or anything cause I haven't been that organised!

Well, here we go.. Wish me luck.

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Right, going back to college today after half term. Didn't get hardly any sleep last night so am as tired as a very tired person! I also feel a bit sick.

I must confess to going down last night and getting buttery toast and biscuits. :( Silly old me but what can I do about it now? Nothing, so I'm not stressing.

Breakfast today = banana, pineapple and coconut smoothie (my god I love these) + tuna with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil (must get out of that habit quick!)

Well today was a small disaster day.

I don't really want to write down my food.. a bit embarrassed that even on the first day I haven't done very well. But I feel like I owe it to myself to admit to the bad days too.

So lunch was - Strawberry, mango and banana smoothie, sausage roll and small low fat yoghurt with granola.

Tea - Veggie meatballs with pasta and tomato sauce.

Snack - A lovely cup of tea with 5 little biscuits. Plus lots of banana, pineapple and coconut smoothie. Whoops.

Exercise - Walking around town. 1 hour Zumba class! The Zumba was fantastic, I so enjoyed it but really was all over the place! Harder than it looks.

So the plan for tomorrow? Stick to healthy food choices and make it to the gym for a decent workout. :)
I'm going to challenge myself not to eat anything past 9.30pm, and not to eat in bed either. I know it sounds easy but it's one of the things I'm awful at and I need to really push myself.
Thank you Shanny! It is great, isn't it? Can't wait til next week. :D

Well I don't know what's going on with my sleep. Usually I need loads, and I mean loads! I've hardly slept at all the past few days.


Breakfast - glass of banana, pineapple and coconut smoothie.

Just about to make some lunch. Hmm, just thinking.. what to have??
Well good day today!

Lunch - fillet of rainbow trout, salad and ketchup, an apple and a small biscuit.

Snack - bowl branflakes.

Tea - 2 quorn fillets in tomato sauce with olives, salad and couscous.

Exercise - 3km on the cross trainer. Just about to do a workout DVD.. my sister doesn't want me to do it down here in the living room so Im heading up to her room! (mine you can't see the floor for clothes)
Today I couldn't resist trying on my size 14 jeans.. well! I got them up and just about buttoned up but they are very tight and I couldn't wear them to my drama group cause I couldn't move much. But I'm nearly there. :) All my jeans are too big right now so I'm kind of living in leggings and this lovely little skirt I have. I can't wait til I properly fit into them, I shall have to throw a party!

Food has been ok. A bit samey though.

Breakfast - nothing, got up too late! A lovely lie in.

Lunch - beans, 2 slices of brown toast with 'light' butter.

Snack - strawberry and banana smoothie.

Tea - tomato and 3 bean soup, 2 slices brown bread with 'light' butter. Coffee and a couple of squares of dark chocolate.

Snack - 37 cal hot choc, a handful of popcorn.

My boyfriend has just rung up and told me how beautiful, good company, etc I can be and I feel on top of the world. :D

Exercise - I plan on doing some workout DVD tonight. Yesterday I did a full toning session, and some of the more challenging aerobics. Really worked up a sweat.
Yesterday I did the full harder aerobics session of my DVD and it was great!

But today, argh argh argh. I've just had a mini binge. 2 slices of cheese on toast and 2 slices of toast just with 'light' butter. :( :( :( Feel horrible about it, it's not even 9am!

Ok, so, new start from now on.


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Yesterday I did the full harder aerobics session of my DVD and it was great!

But today, argh argh argh. I've just had a mini binge. 2 slices of cheese on toast and 2 slices of toast just with 'light' butter. :( :( :( Feel horrible about it, it's not even 9am!

Ok, so, new start from now on.
Don't beat yourself up about it hun, you can make positive choices the rest of the day :) Do you have any exercise planned for tonight? That will help too :)

You're doing really well, keep it up!
Aw, thank you for your kind words and encouragement! (and i did do some exercise, yep, and it lifted things up a little) :)

I haven't been on here for a short while.. had some stress in my life, my boyfriend is not very well which affects me a lot. I worry to bits and feel so helpless. And my college course is really testing my confidence and a whole lot of other stuff.

Of course, these are kind of excuses. Things happen all the time to me but my reaction is to curl up into a little ball and hide away. I realise it affects me and it's hard but like my boyfriend says - he wants me healthy and happy, as do others. So I'd be doing him a favour by looking after myself as well.

I've had bad ways of coping with life in the past and I've realised I've just replaced them with food, which is less immediately damaging but still not good.

Soo then! I've decided to keep track of approximate calories here as well as I feel a bit lost without them but I'm going to try to be relaxed about it.

Today I did 15 minutes cycling and 20 minutes squats and toning exercises. Foodwise I didn't have all that much but I can't remember it to be honest! Here's to tomorrow. :)
Just been on a lovely long walk through some woods and down along by the river.. all the leaves have fallen, and it was sunny but chilly too. Very beautiful.

So today!

Breakfast - Summer fruits corner yoghurt, orange juice - 200

Lunch - 'Eat smart' lasagne with salad leaves - 320

Snack - Bowl of porridge with honey - 230
(rest of today...)

2 slices cheese on toast - 300

Smoked haddock, oven wedges, peas - 450

Chocolate lolly - 200

Total - 1700, so not brilliant but I worked out that with my activity level being moderate I need 2009 (precisely!) calories to mantain my weight. I hope that's right.
I need to admit I have been struggling a fair bit to keep to what I want and plan to eat for the day. Usually I fit enough exercise in.. but those night time cravings really get the better of me sometimes. Wonder if anyone has any tips on that.

I'm now kind of following the slimfast plan and today is day 3! I say kind of cause I'm just testing it really, seeing if it suits me and so far... great!

It works well for me (well, so far) because I have college and don't want to look odd while everyone else is eating. But I still think a break from 'real food' would help me adjust and stick to a firm plan. So I can have a shake for breakfast and tea, and for lunch have a pasta meal or jacket potato or something along those lines at college. It seems to fit perfectly.

I have the powder in strawberry and vanilla flavours and I'm getting used to them.

I'm also toying with the idea of weighing myself when we reach december. Hmmm. Can you tell I'm an indecisive person?!!

Might try and fit in a spurt of the good old workout DVD before I head off for college this morning. Must just try not wake everyone else up! Woke up today at about 5am panicking that I must get up and that I have to go out. It was a very odd feeling when I realised how early it was.

Don't know what I plan to do today about food because I don't have time in my timetable to eat at college. We'll wait and see! :)

Day 3 over and done with! Gosh I had a lot of coffee today!

I also bought some ready mixed shakes (banana flavour and raspberry flavour) for if I go over to my boyfriend's house one evening.

Today I did a short aerobic session for one of my classes at college and yoga and a very short aerobic DVD and lots of walking - fast in the rain! My main meal tonight was a low fat curry and it was just YUM!

Feeling-a-positive. :)
Got up this morning and have mixed and drunk my vanilla shake. I'm making them better and I'm getting used to the taste and enjoying them. I feel weird saying this but I actually feel better without real food (not counting my meal). It is so much less to worry about and I can concentrate on other things rather than 'Argh, what should I have for tea? How many calories?' Etc Etc!

Hope this feeling stays, it's great. :D

I think today I'll have my meal at lunchtime at college seeing as we have a proper lunch break and so I can join in on the normality.
So today! How did day 4 go?

I sipped my shake as I finished off an assignment early this morning very last-minutey (very me!). Went off to college. At lunch I felt very hungry but I guess we had done a lot of intense rehearsing at college, quite physically and mentally exhausting, so maybe that contributed.

Had a lunch of fish, chips and peas.. so not the healthiest choice in the world but lovely and hot! (god it's getting cold and it really brings my mood crashing) To be honest college don't have many healthy meals but there's always jacket potatoes or pasta as a back up. I have eaten those two over and over and over though so fancied a change. I would take me own in but a) I don't like the typical sandwich b) I much prefer hot meals and there is no microwave c) Home made stuff isn't usually allowed to be eaten in the canteen where all my friends sit. Anyway, it's not a big deal, it's only a meal! Ha, catch the rhyming. ;)

I bought a vanilla shake at Boots as I went to catch the train to see my boyfriend after college finished. Drank it at his. So different! So so different! Anyone else find this? It tasted more coffee-ish, less sweet, to be honest I found the taste quite odd and not vanilla-ry. I promise I did pick up the right bottle!!

And back home, had a snack. And who's looking forward to the weekend?! ;)

Must must must fit in a visit to the gym tomorrow. Not done any formal exercise today but been on my feet all day and walked.

I think my sister is making a Thai green fish curry tomorrow night. She is a good cook so I think I shall indeed worm my way into that plan and that will be tomorrow nearly all sorted too. Getting ahead of myself!
So I've had my usual morning shake, yum yum yum.

Now the news is.. last night I was up late, wandering about. Noticed my size 14 jeans on the floor. I bought them when I was bigger than I am now to slim down into though they're not the end of the journey! And I can't believe it but they fit. I'm wearing them now and beaming like a little kid. :)

I can wear a lot of size 14 on my top half, and on my bottom half I suppose but never jeans. It's given me a tad more motivation to get into 12s now.

If my dad is still going to B&Q I will be off to they gym. I hope it's not too busy like last time I went. Been so busy I haven't been for ages now.

I will also get into some leggings (yes they still are a bit tight!:p) and do a workout DVD.
Stayed over at my boyfriend's last night, still stuck to the plan but I'm exhausted after a busy day and late night. And you can tell cause this is all I'm going to write!

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