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Heston blumenthal mission impossible


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Did anyone watch this last week?
Just watched after recording it and I loved it! The jelly worms in chocolate dirt made me think of the SW jelly sweets lol

Heston seemed to focus on making the food healthy for the kids at the hospital. This weeks show is cineworld I'm wondering if he'll go down the healthy route? I hope so they need a serious overhaul of their junk! Friend if mine got stopped and her food took off her a few weeks back as they have a "food purchased on premises only" policy. This would be fine if they served things or things in portions that are suitable for slimmers.

I'll be watching tonight anyway, maybe he won't but I still love Hestons cooking style lol
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There you go guys. 1 large bag of popcorn contains 2/3 of a womans daily calorie allowance!!
I don't watch him cos I don't like his way of cooking. I can appreciate his imaginative ideas but just can not stand watching him.

I know I am probably an old fashioned fuddy, duddy and am in the minority.

He must do something right. Not many restaurants have 3 Michelin stars.


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Lol I'm sure your not at all!! I just find him fascinating although there's a lit of things I wouldn't dare try!
I'm quite nervous when it comes to trying food when I go out as I don't want to spend money on something I might not like but I'll try anything at home or if someone gives it me to try.
I like his "feast" programmes as he comes up with the wackiest ideas for banquets - but I watched the Cineworld programme and it just felt pointless. I can understand wanting to reform school meals and hospital food, but cinema food is basically there to make a profit for the cinemas, not to be gourmet quality. But then I've never quite understood why it's necessary to pair eating and cinema in the first place - it's so irritating when you're trying to watch a quiet bit and someone's chomping away with their mouth open in the row behind you!

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