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  1. puppy_fat_princess

    puppy_fat_princess New Member

    Hey everyone I'm new here (obvously! lol) I'm looking to lose about 3 and a half stone but not sure what diet would work best for me. I used to be very "average" but in the last year and a half gained about 2-3 stone which is unusual for me as I normally just stayed around a certain point, unless I was poorly and unable to eat and weight just dropped off from not eating, but this always went back on as soon as i regained eating normally. The problem is I developed a back problem something to do with the muscles and the curvature near the base of my spine and my doctor believes it could be because of the excess weight to my normal measurement, so I am limited in physical activity I can do to help kick start my metabolism. I use the wii fit occasionally but find I get too bored just doing the same exercises (the only ones I can currently do) over and over.

    I had been looking at the Lighter Life method but unfortunately think it's a little out of my price range, so I am now considering Celebrity Slim. I have glanced around the forums (impossible to read them all!) but was wondering whether you guys thought it would work for me. My other option that I was considering is Slim Fast but don't know how slowly it would take to lose the weight as opposed to the Celebrity Slim, as I feel the quicker I can lose as much as possible the better condition my back will be in and I can tackle losing/maintaining a healthy weight properly.

    Also any other suggestions would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this essay. I just thought you guys could help me as no-one else seems to want to.

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  3. Happe

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    Slimming World
    Hi princess, to be honest if i were you id try the "food" diets before trying any of the VLCDs. Slimming world and weightwatchers are both excellent ways of eating and there have been some dramatic losses on here with both plans. One of our longstanding members has lost over 12stone with WW. Those of us who do use the VLCDs are generally much more overweight than you with a lifetime of failed diets behind us. It is not a quick and easy option nor a cheap one. LL is the most expensive but does include group counselling, Cambridge is probably the most well known and costs around £35-40 per week. Havent heard anything about celebrity slim so cant comment there. Good luck with whatever plan you decide on, you will certainly get all the support you could hope for here on minimins. xx
  4. bettylollypop

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    Hi hun, i would defo recommend slimming world, it is a fab plan to stick to long term. If you like big hearty portions sw is defo the way to go . Good luck with whatever you decide though, it depends on the person and lots of people on here have had success with all the other plans, it is just that sw works for me xx
  5. IreneH

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    Do you have to do a VLCD? A calorie counting type diet would be much cheaper and you could give that a try first

    Irene xx
  6. Lexie_dog


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    SW, minimal bread!
    Depends on what you buy food wise though....

    I have had success in the past with Weightwatchers, but due to personal preference I am on Cambridge now. Nothing against WW just not right for me at that time, but I would always heartily recommend it.
  7. Taz

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    Totally agree, SW is the only plan that ever worked for me
  8. puppy_fat_princess

    puppy_fat_princess New Member

    Hey thanks for replying everyone, I had considered one of those types of diets but don't think I particularly over eat. I cut back after I realised I had put on weight and my current diet is:

    Breakfast: Low fat bagel and 1 teaspoon light cream cheese or porridge
    Lunch: Baguette 3 slices of cheese
    Dinner: potatoes and chicken, pasta, salad with vinegerette dressing,
    Snacks: fruit and raw veg, marks and sparks light crinkle cut crisps
    Drinks: mostly water, occasional bottle of cola, pint of squash with evening meal

    this is much better than my diet used to be but I'm not losing any weight. What would be different from what I'm having with WW or SW? Just asking as I don't know much about either of them.
  9. mathswiz

    mathswiz Always Struggling...

    Hi PFP,

    I did Celebrity Slim for 9 weeks and had a net weight loss of 15 lbs. I had about 3 stone to lose when I first started my diet, so about the same as you.

    I think if you don't have that much weight to lose, you will have a good loss on CS in the first week but after that it will probably slow down to about 2 lbs per week. You can probably lose 2 lbs per week on a "food diet" and it will probably be cheaper than CS.

    The only reason I do the shake diets is because I like to limit my choices for breakfast and lunch. This really helps me stick to my diet. It depends on whether this type of diet fits in with your lifestyle. Diets are a very personal thing. What might work for one person won't necessarily work for you.

    Another thing is CS is low carb diet so you will have to cut out pasta and potatoes etc whereas if you did WW or SW you could still eat these foods.

    The type of diet you choose really depends on your lifestyle and whether you are prepared to cut down on certain foods.

    Good luck finding something that suits you. :D

    Any questions, please ask. :)
  10. Jim

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    Hi princess and welcome to the boards. I'd have a read around the forums and see which one you fancy and more important a plan you believe you could maintain.
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