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hey guys im gona switch to slimming world today


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right ive been on lipotrim for a week, a good loss of 8lbs but from yesterday i just could not possibly stand the thought of another week- thinking why am i torturing myself, being ratty with the kids and it taking me ages in the mornings to come around, feeling groggy but then i was great all day:confused:

so ive come to the conclusion why diet and makes myself miserable, when i can diet and eat and be happier and more energy etc:)

so here i am, i dont think i can get to a meeting this week, but can join up next week for all my books, last time i did this diet was when it was just green and red day, but it seems to have changed loads now:)

so does anyone has any tips to eat or what to buy which is not expensive that will maintain or even drop my wieght till my next week, i really dont want to put this 8lbs back on, but i know few will go back on as im eating again

and what are peoples weekly losses on here?
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Hi natalieann, welcome back to SW! You should get a copy of the new magazine, they always do a 7 day food plan with recipes and Healthy Extra's all counted for, you could use it until you get to a class. It'll be for the new Extra Easy plan tho not green/red.


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Congrats on trying SW, and good luck!

I find it a very flexible and healthy eating plan, which can hopefully make you feel better while losing weight.


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thanks guys, there is a group a bus ride away from me at 12pm today, i can prob make that one, what is te joining fee at the minute?

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Hello and welcome xx


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they thanks hun, i think im gona get ready now and go for the club at 12, wish me luck and speak soonio


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Welcome SW is flexiable and you don't have to be restricted with food like other diet plans. SW is the best as it changes your attitude and learn to eat different without stopping you from complete naughtiness :) Good luck with your first meeting x


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hey cheers guys ive been and registered, got everything, cant believe how much its al chaged and for the better, the new extra plan is brill, but im struggling to see how this can help you lose wieght if you can mix yiour free foods from green and original? i know it does work but im amazed at how?,

anyway last tuesday i weighed 13st12, i lost 8 lbs on lipotrim in a week, started to eat yesterday and wieghed in today at slimming world at 13st 5 n half, so i must have put a few lbs back on in a day lol

so im stil gona count my loss wince last week even tho it was on a diff diet, afterall its still a loss, so still 6,5 down woowoop, starting tomorrow

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