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Hey im back on the bandwagon again!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by weemissnaughty, 19 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Silver Member

    Hiya! I've been here and left and went to weight watchers and back heavier than ever! But I'm determined that this will be it and that if I have a bad day I will just start again the next instead of using that as an excuse for a month long binge!!

    I'm 27 and I'm taking a year out from my nurse training and I'm spending this year working as both a support worker and a healthcare assistant. I joined slimming world with my best friend and her sister last Monday (Tomorrow is first weigh in eek!) and I've found it hard to stick to mainly with my job... For example It was one of my service users birthday this week and he wanted a chippie (and for the support workers to join in) I was way over my syns that day but I tried to stay within a calorie allowance! I think slimming world is a great healthy way to loose weight once you get used to it!

    Anyways I've rambled enough lol I just thought I'd better introduce myself before commenting in anyone's threads soo hiii *waves* xxx
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  3. ACH

    ACH Full Member

    It can be hard when you're eating out and you don't want to miss out, does the chippie do Chinese as instead you could have ordered boiled rice with a lower syn dish such as chicken with mushroom , or a black bean dish which are less than 10 syns I think and boiled rice would be free.

    Anyway, hi and welcome and good luck, don't worry about one day over syns sure you will have a good loss x
  4. lovehearts

    lovehearts Silver Member

    Good luck!! x
  5. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Silver Member

    Noo it was just a normal one so I had 1/2 roast chicken and chips, although now I realise I should have had mushy peas instead of chips! At least I know for next time, usually he goes to morrisons cafe so I can have baker and beans and a muller light so much better!

    And thanks for the luck haha I think I need it ;) x
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