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Hey!!! Im back!!!

Hi all, as you may know Ive been missing for about 4 weeks....I feel off the wagon!!! But Im back!!! My boyfriend has also given me the greatest motivation to lose the weight also. Once I get back into size 16/18 we shall get engaged and celebrate it on New York...man thats the biggest motivation Ive ever had. My downfall is not cravings or disipline, its the realisation of knowing how much I have to lose and thinking I can never get there. So this goal doesnt seem so unachievable as Im currently a size 24. I shall also keep a food diary and if you could please give me some feedback about my food diary that would be great.
Thanx xxx
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Going From Flab to FAB!
Oh wow!!! motivation indeed! thats wonderfully romantic! ...

Glad to hear your back on the wagon xxxx
on 7th Avenue, near Carnegie Hall, there is a there is a Deli called Carnegies that does THE BEST cheese cake ever - Make sure you celebrate with some of that when you get there!! (They also do massive sandwiches - I had one, but could only manage half of it, only to wake up a few hours later sweating pastrami smells - nice!!)

Stick a massive picture of an engagement ring on the fridge, that way you'll be reminded of your target any time you might be tempted to have something naughty!
Oh that cheesecake is worth making the trip for on its own!! Besides, all the walking you do burns it off!

I loved it there - My friend has told me we're going to go back next year when she's planning to do the New York marathon. I know i'll never get to that standard of running, but I'm always more than happy to get drunk with her boyfriend while I watch!
Wow hun what amazing inspiration!!! So now you have a real reason (apart from the obvious advantages of losing weight) to get to size 16/18!! :) congratulations (for when you get there... which you WILL!!)


Hey thanks gals. I will defineltly check out the cheesecake when I get to NY :)!!!
and will give you an update to my WI tomorrow. I know Ive lost 6lbs this week as I weighed myself on Friday but since then Darryl (my boyfriend) has hidden the scales :confused: Im glad hes hidden them but its scary how I freaked out. I was like Amy Winehouse in The Priory!!! Anyhoo I know its for my own good!:cry:
Finding it hard to get back into it

Hiya all, well I had a great 1st week and lost 5lbs then last week I had a good week up until I the weekend, its was my boyfriends 25th and we had a huge party, I honestly think I didnt eat or drink alot over the weekend but I put on 2..5lbs on!!!! Im so so so gutted and its taken me 3 days to get back into it again!
I feel miserable and hope that Mondays WI will be a good 1!!
Ahhh now i feel better with that off my chest :eek:
What a fantastic reason to lose the weight.

Try not to worry about that little blip...it will not matter in a couple of weeks time when you are losing lots of lbs!


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