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    Hey, I'm Katie, student and I ammmm 21 years old :)

    I'm looking for support at the moment to kick my bum into gear and help me shed just a little bit of weight

    I'm a student at DMU and I've just finished until October the 3rd and it's probably been one of the worst years I have EVER had to deal with
    I don't mean to sound morbid or like I'm trying to depress you all but I think if I give you my story someone who's been through or going through similar may chip in and offer me some help and advice :)

    In September 2010 I lost my dad, and you could say I was horrified, it was the first death I'd had to deal with and was made harder when the loss was the person who I looked up to the most - he was my idol and he probably was the only family member who got my sense of humour - since then I really don't think I have a sense of humour (if that makes any sense)
    I go through good days and my bad days can be a complete nightmare - I've been told by a few people I may have depression but I refuse to take tablets (my fiance also thinks it may be best if I just talk out my bad days - which works!)

    I got engaged in April, and I'm so happy about it I could sing but we've been through so much, I'm surprised we're still together after 3 years. Scott is my soul mate and he's my best friend, confidante and lover all rolled up into one good looking bundle. The bad times were extremely bad but it's always worked out - not long after my dad passed Scott developed a gambling problem and we were in debt up to our ears - it took months for him to admit it and a very helpful uncle to sort him out and he's doing OK now, but it's taking a VERY long time to recover emotionally and financially from it all to be honest.

    SO ANYWAY, that was my sob story, and now here comes the relevant part...

    After EVERYTHING that's gone on I cope by eating, and I eat when I'm bored - my portion sizes are MASSIVE and I'm eating ALL through the day, I've tried being a vegetarian which just made me tired. I tried Weight Watchers but I got confused with the points and always forgot to track. I'm considering Slimming World (my mother in law will be going to the meetings and then relaying the info on to me so I can kind of do it) But I'm just now sure. My willpower just dissapears as soon as I get wind of it and my confidence is quite literally nil. It's not been for a WHILE now but I'm finding it hard to just STOP eating - I LOVE food and everything about it, even the healthy stuff, I just never have the money or the patience to wait for a good healthy meal to cook, when 2 boxes of micro chips takes 3.40 minutes :cry:

    I usually eat in a day

    Breakfast: 2/3 scrambled eggs. 2 slices of toast. 1 can of beans with grated cheese.

    Lunch: Micro chips - cheese - gravy

    Snacks in between: 1/2 (maybe three) Packets of crisps - not forgetting this is between Breakfast & Lunch and then Lunch & Dinner - Sometimes a snack may be a samwich.

    Dinner (At my house) Chips cheese and gravy. OR Wedges. Or pasta salad cream. (More usually Chips cheese and gravy)

    I sometimes eat enough for two. This is not good.
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    Hiya hunny, just thought I would stop by and say welcome!

    This is not your 'sob story', these are things that have happened which probably have contributed to your eating habits...this is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about, we are all here to lose weight!

    I am so sorry to read about your dad, I can't imagine how you feel :(

    Your fiance sounds lovely, and although you have been through some crap you know he is there for you...I went through similar with my fiance but with drugs, not gambling...It was so hard to come through but we did and now we have a baby on the way :) :)

    With regards to your mood, it does sound as though you may have depression...I am certainly no expert but my sis was diagnosed with postnatal depression and she was so much better once she got some tablets...she felt, and still does sometimes, that tablets have a big stigma attached but at the end of the day her depression is a chemical imbalance which is corrected by the pills...she won't be on them forever and like I say to her...You wouldn't refuse antibiotics if you had a chest infection so why refuse anti depressants if you are depressed!! It's so easy for people to say 'Oh you'll get hooked on them' but they don't understand, really.

    Anywho, apologies for rambling on and good luck with your weight loss...this forum is fantastic and everyone is lovely and helpful :) :) xxxx
  4. chezzylou

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    Hey I'm really sorry to hear everything that's happened. I can relate to both the depression thing and the eating. I was diagnosed with depression when I was 16 and that was only when my mum forced me to go docs. I also comfort eat which has really affected my weight. Do take the pills they help a lot trust me. The only thing is that I never remembered to take them lol.
    I used to eat worse then you by the sounds of it. Take aways fry ups micromeals etc.

    I joined slimming world back in January and it's helped a lot. You don't deprive yourself at all and you still eat what you want. I would try slimming world even try looking through the forum here. If you'd like any help with it please just ask. There isn't anything special you need to buy for it foodwise except sweetener and frylight which is a light oil

    Hope everything sorts itself out.

    (congrats on the engagement! :) )

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  6. Emmaline

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    Hi Kate, Welcome to the forum.
    You certainly are not alone in both the eating and the depression problems. Lots of people on here suffer the same as you will no doubt find out as you get to read other peoples diaries.
    I too suffer from depression and cannot take antidepressants as they just make me like a zombie which I absolutely hate. It takes a while to learn how to watch for the trigger points and try to avoid them as much as possible. It's something you never really get cured from but just learn to manage it.
    Sorry about the loss of your dad and whilst I don't want to appear to make light of it, at least you had someone who cared about you, whereas my parents were not in the least bit bothered about me or my brother and sisters.
    There are lots of people in this world today that have neither substenance or shelter nor anyone to care for them, so at least that is a bonus for you, don't you think?

    As for the eating problem, like everything else, just take it one day at a time ... rather like alcoholics .... except we still have to eat.
    When you have already had a meal make plenty of healthy snacks ready - sticks of carrots, plenty of fruit, - then you can tuck into them when you are waiting for your next meal to be prepared.

    It will take time and courage to get back to a healthy way of eating. You can if you REALLY want to....

    All the very best to you .... :)
  7. Bizzylizzy

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    Hi, I'm new too, just getting used to the workings of things, good luck with your quest!
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