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Hi everyone! Im new to this and decided this 'healthy eating' section was the best option, any other faddy diets are a joke! Anyways, my aim is to lose 40 pounds in 80 days! I'm actually very educated in healthy eating and fitness, thats actually what Im studying university. Im dissapointed in myself because I just let myself go, so now in the spirit of 'new year, new me' Im on a mission to get the fit me back!! I'll be eating healthy foods... carbs in the morning; porridge with blueberries or gluten free cornflakes with soya,grapefuit or protein shake made with soya milk or egg whites. Salads with protein for Lunch, chicken, white fish, tuna fish, chick peas, beans...or fresh fruit, and then light carbs with protein for dinner; sweet potatoe with tuna or brown rice with chicken or fish and veg.

Gym everyday; high intensity cardio intervals, spinning classes once or twice a week and hopefully eventually road running :)

I have bought hundreds of pounds worth of clothes in the past year and I'm determined to get into, clothes, fashion and going out are my passion so hopefully I can get my motivation kicking and back to me :D

Id love if anyone could give me some advice or similar stories and If anyone would like any healthy eating and fitness advice Id love to help!!!
Thanks!! :)
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