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  1. Chubzy

    Chubzy Member

    Hey trimmers :) Im new to the forum and to lipotrim so thought i'd say hey...hey :D.
    I got married a year ago and the laziness has caused my weight to rocket, my wife would make food i would just wolf down. I did have a few people tell me you're putting on weight but i have been in denial since october and finally came to my senses in feb.
    I am no stranger to working out though, in my college days i was an active bodybuilder but now at 27 i barely go to the gym (even though i'm still paying) and looong work hours that by the time i'm home and the mrs has created a dish fit for a king i cant be bothered.
    And all of that led me to lipotrim, to get a hold of what i am eating it seemed like a great idea, meal replace shakes.
    But i absolutely hate it, i cant believe how much i hate it, i hate the taste in my mouth, i hate watching my family eat delicious foods, i was planning on sticking to the diet for at least 4 weeks, (my cousins wedding) but im not sure i will last beyond my weekly take, but im not sure if i am that sad about it. i feel the week has helped me get a hold of my food intake.
    How are your lipotrim experiences. I have read alot of people swear by it but im not sure.
    anyway hope u all are well and on your way to a more healthy and happier lifestyle :)
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  3. Ellroddy

    Ellroddy Full Member

    Hi mate, when u get passed day 3 or 4 you should be ok...and will stop thinking about food every 30 seconds. Ofcorse there will be days where your grumpy and hungry but in all seriousness at the end of the week when u get weighed it spurs u on for another week.
  4. Nic1559

    Nic1559 Full Member

    Give it a try this week, and see how you feel when you weigh in. For me it's the only way forward, takes temptation out of my control. Good luck whatever you decide :)
  5. Chubzy

    Chubzy Member

    Hey ellroddy and nic thank u for the comments. You'll be happy to know i stuck with it and on my weigh in lost a decent 8lbs. It is easier now lol so i think i will do it for another week and include my bike cardio and small weights to keep the skin tight. Im too tired for the treadmill and lifting heavy.
    Well heres to another week :)
  6. and

    and Silver Member

    Well done on your loss :)

    And if I can manage a month... Well anyone can :D
  7. Ellroddy

    Ellroddy Full Member

    That's great news pal, be careful with the cardio tho
  8. JennyLane

    JennyLane Full Member

    Ellroddy why do you say careful with the cardio?
  9. Ellroddy

    Ellroddy Full Member

    I was told a while ago by all means do cardio just don't kill it because there isn't enough energy in LT.
  10. JennyLane

    JennyLane Full Member

    Ok, ya you should be training for anything but the people I have seen with the best results did exercise too. My boyfriend works for a big gaming company and I would say 40 of the lads have been on it. A fair few great examples of losing like 14 stone and staying off. Some people are doing better than others, but those who exercised did better including my boyfriend but nothing too much.

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