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im new to the forum. just wondering if anyone could help me plan my diet :confused: iv tried so many diets some only last 2days other have lasted a few weeks. i even got a wii fit and i gain half a stone in about 3weeks :sigh: ... seems im only 18 i should really take care of my body. i was always thin no matter what untill i turned bout 15 and in those 3years iv got from a very thin size 6 to a very round size 22 :eek: and being just over 5ft this is nothing in my favour LOL
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silly celeb 'fad' diets and i did try one where i have cereal for breakfast hamsalad cob for dinner and then a small cooked meal at night but i was so hungry it only lasted a week. my diet at the moment is the poorest diet in the whole world i think. if i eat stuff from home i mainly have chips and pizza or chips and something else if im not having that then i mainly live off KFC also the only thing i drink is PEPSI or other fizzy drinks from morning till night :(:eek:
I decided on calorie counting as I really didn't want to be attending meetings and I also didn't want to have to look up points or syns....its easier to look up calories.

I'm not sure what to advise really unless you want to start buying in more healthy foods. If you are willing to do that then I'd suggest signing up with MyFitnessPal where you can log your food, calories are worked out for you (wise to double check their accuracy first)

Another suggestion would be the slimfast 3.2.1 plan. 3, 100 calorie snacks, 2 slimfast shakes and 1 500 calorie meal. Its pretty easy to plan, and might be pretty good for someone that needs more structure. Its certainly better than any celeb diet fads.

Fizzy drinks are ok as long as theyre "zero" or "diet" etc. I really don't like water, my fluids come from diet coke and black coffee
im defently willing to change what i buy in. can i live off just them slimfast things? also could i still have my sunday roast? if i half the size of it :) iv got this app on my phone where i can scan the barcode on the packets and enter how much iv had ect for each meal and it works it all out for me:)

thank you for all your help!

Slimfast isnt designed to be your sole source of nutrition. It really does work if you stick to the 3,2,1 plan. Your meals are 500 calories but on a day with a heavier meal then you could skip a snack to save 100 calories etc.

Just looked, the UK version is slightly different, its 3 95 calorie snacks, 2 shakes and 1 600 calorie meal...which should allow a medium sized roast dinner!

About the Slim.Fast 321 Diet Plan

Although I'm calorie counting I use slimfast at times when I can't be bothered preparing a meal or when i've left myself low on calories....the cafe latte is gorgeous!

Many people take a while to find a diet that suits them (lifestyle etc) so you may need to try a few before you find the one that works for you but of all the diets out there I think slimfast is the best starting point when you're doing a major overhaul of your eating habits. It might be that you then start to like knowing the nutritional info on your foods and switch calorie counting or Low GI etc, whatever you choose there is a section on here that deals with it where you'll get all the help and support you need



Plodding on.......
Hi Debbie Louise,

I agree with Irene - look around and see what people say about the diets and choose what works for you. Pretty much all the plans here will work if you stick to them, so the important thing is what you think you will be able to stick to. There is a lot of importance in the psychology of the different plans so have a think. I love SW because I don't feel restricted and can eat big meals but for some people it needs a bit of tweaking. Others love WW because it is very clear about how much you can eat but within that you choose how you do that. The meal replacement/VLCD's work very well and give fast results (although I've never tried them) but I imagine they can be very difficult to stick to if you are out a lot.

Anyway, whatever you decide, good luck and let us know how it goes.

Gail x

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