Heya guys!!!!!!!!!! Newbie needing some love!!!


S: 20st0lb C: 20st0lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 43.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I am gonna repost this!!! If you are out there...come on lets do this!!:D;):D:):happy096::happy096::character00115::bliss::bliss::bliss:eek:kay i have gotten a little smiley overexcited!!!
HEYA EVERYONE!!!!!! u have no idea just how happy i am to have found this site and to have found this thread. It is soooo wonderful to rerad stories that are so like mine and moreover to see that people are dealing with the same issues that i am. I was soooo fit and healthy in 2008/2009 then for all the ususal suspects, relationship break-up, new job, illness, meds, quit smoking,depression,complete lack of activity :cry: and there u go ...all of a sudden i am 20 stone and struggling to walk up stairs, suck on my couch and not wanting to go out anywhere because i feel all those things that when i was dashing about in my size 10 jeans i thought were ridiculous.
so here i am!!! i need support! people to share this jounery with. i will be logging in everyday to just say that i know i can and i know i will....why because i have to if i dont lose this weight ...i am not gonna be around in the mid term let alone the long term. there is a whole lot of vanity involved in this but it is a real desire to have my health back, my energy and spunk. I need to be me because i dont know nor do i want to be the version of me that i am now.

so look i know we can do this...to be honest the losing of the weight is the easy part...reduce calories and do a bit of exercise and we will lose weight. It is the keeping it off the will be hard.
we are already ahead of teh game we have done our research and found something that we think will work for us. Great!!!! all we needd to do is follow the directions and get our mind right. What do i mean when i say get our mind right...i mean realise that if we think that we will succeed that we will...let all of the self doubt and negative ***** go. for this day forth come hell or high water we are committed to being our best and gettingthe best out of us!! now that doesnt mean it will be perfect ....OF COURSE WE WILL BE HUNGRY WE ARE NOT EATING!!! LOL!!! so let just accept that that is a part of it and yes we wil slip up as well ..change is always hard and while we know that we must our brains are happy doing things just the way we have been so it is fighting against us...NO it is saying sit on the couch this what we do ...we like it like this...okay we have to fight against it and know that if we can just do this for a month our habits will have changed and we will be well on our way.

I am gonna do this ...i have to why u may ask???
1. i am vain and i hate being fat
2. i am vain and i hate being fat
3. i am vain and i hate being fat
4. i am vain and i hate being fat

hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! I think u get the point. I did this to myself and therefore i have the power to undo it.

so here i am on day one gonna make my shake.

i am wishing all of you lots of love and i am fabulous and i am gonna look it energy!!!!
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