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I have posted this on the restart thread thing, but no replies so would like anyones input please.

so after a year of being on and off cambridge, i have restarted on the one shake a day plan, and i am not doing at all well. week one i lost 5lbs, which i was really chuffed about, week two i put on 1lb 1/2 tomorrow will be week three and weigh in, and i think i have put it on again. :( I just cant seem to stick to it and i seem to be snacking in the evenings, i have tried all sorts to stop me doing this but i still seem to do it. i need help or a good kick up the backside. can anyone suggest anything or help. i am getting really depressed about it. __________________
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Hi not on the cambridge diet but could not just pass by your post, dont be too downhearted, easy for me to say I know. I am sure someone will come along soon to offer you advice but I can only offer you a shoulder to lean.....your not alone...Linda x
Hi Nessa,

The evening munchies are the road to ruin, mine anyway! I'm doing W8 at the moment, so can't nibble on anything except a nice glass of water, but I know that when I'm back on the food, it's the hardest time of the day for me. I'm sorry I don't have any answers for you, but at least you know you are not alone :eek::eek:
Hi Nessa, i had the same problem as you the last time i did the cambridge, it's harder to restart the diet everytime you cheat and I was as bad if not worse than you are now, i don't know what to say to you except that what you are going through is a lot worse than sticking to the diet, you have to decide if this is what you really want to do, and if you do want to do it you have to keep focused on your goals. Make them really small goals if that helps, everytime i feel like cheating i look up information on a holiday i want to go on, or look through a clothes catalogue at clothes i want to wear and i come on here and look for inspiration, i've only been ss for a fortnight now so i am sure there will be people along who know a lot more than me, but beleive in yourself and that you can do it, every journey starts with one small step. good luck and keep me posted with how you are getting on.
Hi Nessa
I am on the 810CD plan. I have 3 shakes a day and a small meal and some skimmed milk. As you are having a hard time wondered if it would be worth you starting on a higher plan and working down to sole source ?? Think that it would get you started without the need to cheat and having a meal in the evening would stop you nibbling.:)


Taking one day at a time.
Hang in there - you are losing and CAN do it. Just focus on that. It's better than going back to your old ways! Some weeks for me are just so hard, but you just have to take the good weeks with the bad and not be too hard on yourself. Hang in there. It's true that ketosis does stem the hunger...and loads of water. A faff, but once you get back into it, it'll be so much easier - first few days are so tough. keep logging on here too - it really helps. I need a good kick too, hence I'm here!
All the very best,
Sounds like you have too much choice there that you can't reign in. Try going up the plans. Even the 1000 cal plan looks like too much like real food and would give me the munchies. The 810 cal one is really good as it is more regimented but still giving you plenty to have throughout the day, and will give you a good weight loss.