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Hi all, Big changes needed, had my wake up call


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Hi Guys and Girls.

Just thought I’d Say Hi and introduce myself,
I’m 28 from the east midlands and a man other than that not quite sure where to begin really, for the first time in 13 years I’m deadly serious about loosing weight and becoming healthy.
I currently weigh 25st 8lb.

after going to the hospital on Monday to have an operation and being told they could not operate on me as I’m a High risk, due to my weight and possible sleep apena (not confirmed but suspected and appointment has been booked with specialist) I realised my weight is Killing me.

I’m slowly but surely dying because of my weight and choices I have made, spent 2 days basically crying, worrying and generally feeling sorry for myself, hell the anaesthetist put the fear of god in me to the point where I was scared to sleep because I was convinced I was about to die, but woke up Wednesday knowing I have to do something and knowing I have to do it now. I’ve got a lot left I want to experience, nieces I want to see grow up.

Since Wednesday I’ve cut out all the crap, not a single piece of chocolate, not a single crisp, or sip of pop, or beer (god I miss my beer) and have only eaten healthy fresh foods. I’ve averaged 2 miles a day walking the dog every day since Wednesday. I’ve called my local Slimming World and I’m going there on Tuesday, hopefully Slimming world is for me, if not I’ll try something else. Looking forward to seeing if my current efforts have made any difference (my bathroom scales tell me to “get off fatty” when I get on, so will have to buy a decent set)

Anyway apologises for rambling on. Been having a good look around here and it seem like a great site full of information and people going through similar situations.

Hope to get to know you all soon

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Welcome Begghead, you will find loads of support and wize tips on this site to help you walk your journey. main battle is having your want upstairs in ur head ie (mind over matter) Now not been sexist, but its nice to have another man about the place lol, but good luck mate.


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I have just joined Slimming World & its AMAZING... You will not believe what you can eat!!

I had a full English Brekkie this morning & I have lost 7 lb in my first week!!

You will love it!!

Good Luck xx


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Thanks for the welcome guys. Been having a read through some of the success stories, they really made me smile. Here’s hoping i’ll be posting my own before and afters in the future
Good Luck guys x


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hiya buddy im sam,
your in good company mate!.. spend as much time as you can on here bud, it helps!..
ive been on a diet for a week now,so not long.. but have to say im soooo positive and bizarre as it sounds my first weigh-in is tomorrow and even if its a pound ill be woop wooping all over the place!
good luck & nice to meet you
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:welcome: to minis and congrats on taking that most important 1st step in doing something about your weight.
I wish you every success at slimming world,and the support on here is 2nd to none,so post on here often.


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Hi Begghead, welcome and good luck on your journey! It's good that you're walking your dog, that's a brilliant start, (not sure I could do that I hate walking!).
Take care and good luck
Hey welcome to Minis :) there are a few great guys floating about on here-if you can find their blogs to have a read-Maximus is already at target, but full of inspiration and motivation and stuff for others, and ColJack is flying along and I think he's lost 9 stone so far :) Good luck with it all

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Hi and welcome to this wonderful community filled with lots of fabulous people. :)
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Hey welcome and wishing you the best as you start your diet. Lots of support here to guide you along the way

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