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Hi all Im starting lipotrim for the first time

Hi, Im new to lipotrim am going to the pharmacy tomorrow to get started :) can anyone tell me whether you can just start straight away, or do u have to have tests?

Reading this forum has helped me make up my mind about starting lipotrim, ive heard horror stories and had people tell me 'its dangerous' but seeing your results i cant wait to start.

I am very nervous about starting and will keep u updated on how the first week goes.
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Hi there and welcome to the forum :)

No, you won't have to have any tests done but you will need to fill out a medical questionnaire and they should ask if you've seen the Lipotrim DVD. If you haven't they might not let you start straight away so go here to watch it before you go to the pharmacy:

Welcome to the Lipotrim Website

Best of luck!
Hi, thanks for the reply ive checked the website and the vid doesnt seem to be working do ya know of anywhere else u can watch it?
Thank you :)


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Hi & welcome,i only found out about this diet the night before i started it,i went on the saturday morning with my neighbour who had started the week before to make an appointment to start, but the chemist lady said no need for appointment just fill in this form & then offered me the loan of dvd for a deposit of £5 refunable when returned....i told her i would watch it on computer which i did.. but only after id had my 1st shake. lol so you should be able to borrow dvd....good luck!!! caz xx
Great thanks for the advise, cant wait to start now have been reading some amazing success stories im actually excited lol ive got about 5 stone n 10 pounds to lose :)


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Hi Sweetcheeks, :welcome: to Minimins and also LT.
As soon as the ketosis fairy visits you on about day 4 or 5 you'll be flying. :party0011:
In the days before that, drink AT LEAST 3 litres of water a day and have black coffee, black tea (peppermint tea is nice with a sweetener in) and any other tea which is made from leaves, (not flowers or fruit)
You may feel rough until ketosis, :gen125::patback:
freezing cold and ill, but it all passes.
Get on the forum if you need help or advice, Good luck!! xxxx


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welcome to the forum...take it easy the first few days, drink loads of water, be kind to yourself and ketosis will come and pass and then it gets easier:D good luck x
Hello and welcome, hope you were able to start today. The first week is tough but if you get through it the rewards are fantastic!

Ignore the doubters! There is nothing dangerous about these diets, they are doctor recommended and have every vitamin and mineral you need to stay healthy and, once you are in ketosis, you will feel fantastic! My skin looks healthier and I have a definite spring in my staep these days!!!! I am just ALWAYS freezing!!!!!

Good luck, we are here to help you.

Hey SC, welcome, I'm in my second week and can confirm that the first week was real tough but it's the hardest part by far, after that it really is a doddle, i feel brill and can feel the weight coming off. Also, you gotta be really strict withyourself, if you cheat once or twice you've lost the plot.

Best of luck, check in here tokeep inspired and encouraged - you're gonna need it!
.BrainDead.RedHead. - what an awesome username! :D
Thanks guys for the messages, i went the pharmacy today n i gotta go bak on friday as the girl who does it isnt in :( so im gutted now i gotta wait, i wanted to start asap Booo! But hey cant wait til friday so i can start shedding some very unwanted pounds :)
And thanks cathy now i know what to expect in the first few days :)

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