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Hi all, intro to me and Day One done!


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S: 13st5lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 0st12lb(6.42%)
Hi there, just wanted to say hi and introduce myself as will prob b on here a lot over next few mths! I was always fairly slim until my 1st preg 5yrs ago when i gained 3st, then had another close preg and weight went up to 14.5st. I lost 2.5st on SW extra easy but we've suffered a lot of stress over recent yrs and weight crept back on. Now 13st5lb at joining LT today and am WELL UP FOR IT!

Helps my hubby doin it with me as he has 6st to lose too and I wanna lose about 3st. I saw results 2friends had with LL, learnt how ketogenic diets work and now strongly believe I can do this and in just a few mths i'll b where I wana be and can quite happily eat reasonably to maintain it cos since piling on weight eating TERRIBLY pre/post natally I haven't eaten that bad since and hav maintained same weight for about a yr by not eating too badly!

I'm starting to imagine how i'll look again....i'll look like the me I always was! I'm also an all or nothing type person, esp when there's big rewards at the light at the end of the tunnel so I'm more than happy to take a hard 3mths for a much better long term benefit, short term pain long term gain!

Scared about how we'll feel while getting into ketosis with 2young kids too but just gotta get thru them and hopefully will feel better and experience all the benefits of ketosis that I've read about!

Any tips and advice much appreciated!
H x
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Thornhill Cate

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Hi there and welcome,

I'm only on my 4th day but it's gone fine. No headaches or dizzyness. I know some people have a harder time but it's not inevitable. Make sure you drink at the least the minimum additional water which seems to help a lot according to what I've read on here. Best of luck.


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Best of luck! I'm a newbie too, in my second week now. Keeping busy is probably the best advice. I'm finding it very easy - I love the feeling of control over my eating (or non eating!) & feeling like I'm finally shifting the pounds. It is difficult socially but it'll be worth it. I haven't had any headaches/dizziness & I've been moderately active.

Its great you have your hubby on it too - hardly anyone knows I'm on LT because I know what negative feedback I'd get from friends & family - not easy hiding the fact that I'm not eating or boozing! The support on this site has been brilliant.

GOOD luck - it'll all be worth it!


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Hi H :)

Well done to you and your hubby for getting through day one. I'm on day 5 now and feel a lot more energetic etc. I have done LT before a few years ago but was a silly billy and put weight back on. Anyway...I found it much easier this time, I think partly because I know the results I will get if I stick to it (which are mind blowing and well worth the effort on LT!) and also because I now have a little boy to keep me active and keep my mind off of the psychological signals your brain gives you when you start LT (not everyone experiences this but I have both times but not as bad the 2nd...again...I know what to expect.

Good luck to you both on your LT journey :)

Marie x