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Hi All, started CD today, trying to get to sleep but cant

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Hi All,
I am a newbie, I started CD today needing to lose 6 stone ove the next 6-10 months. I have to lose the weight this time or its the op for me. Both my sister and cousin needed surgery and two other cousins are waiting. I really need to avoid this but with our family health problems it is now or never. I really am looking for support and have been told that this forum is the place to find it.
Any advice would be helpful.
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Hi HJ,

I think the first three to five days are the most difficult. Once you have made it 100% through those days, and ketosis kicks in (which is the point when the gyclogen fat stores in your liver have been expended and you begin to burn your bady fat stored outside the liver) -- you should start to feel energised.

When in ketosis you are very likely to have bad breath (that is the ketones) and you can use breath sprays or mouthwash.
But you also should not feel "physically" hungry.
You need to make certain that you drink 2.5 to 4 liters of water daily -- but spaced out through out the day. The "more you drink, the more you shrink"... but you need to drink steadily not overload at one time.

Anyway, you do not have complete stats posted, so I cannot tell is you should be having three or four packs a day.

But if you are having trouble sleeping because you are hungry... then try some decaf tea, or a large glass of tepid water.

It does get easier.

I lost nearly 60 pounds on a VLCD in 2008. I kept it off for some time, then started regaining whenI stopped exercising. I stopped faffing about when I realised I had gained over half back... and I am now 9 pounds from the top of my goal range.

This time I ss'd for the first three weeks, but then moved up to 810/1000 so that I could exercise and because I am trying to learn how to manage food, so this time I do not start to regain.

Reading people's diaries can sometimes help. There a lot of people on this forum who have done very well, and some who are doing very well.

I highly recommend The Beck Diet Solution -- it is book written by a therapist tha uses Coginitive Behavourial Therapy to help you lose weight and keep it off. There is a thread on CD Maintenance discussing this book.

Good Luck. I hope you get to sleep soon!


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There are a lot of tutorials and at the top of the mainpage there is a link to them.
S: 17st0lb G: 11st0lb
Thanks all,
I did eventually get to sleep, and am trying to get through the next few days. Hoping ketosis sets in quickly.
Thanks again


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