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Hi all

Welcome to the family Shamu....You will be fine, and have the weight off in no time. The first few days are the hardest, but as soon as ketosis kicks in the fat is burning. You'll be full of energy. Everyone on the forum is lovely, and you will get great support and encouragement.
Good luck xx
Welcome Shamu x

LT is a great diet once you get into it and the support on this forum is fab.
Best of luck and keep us posted on how you are getting on.
Welcome Shamu and good luck on you new journey x x
Hi Shamu, welcome to the club and good luck x
Aw thank you Tinkerbell! Just set myself Christmas target for now and going in small jumps! You've done amazing by the way!Hope I can do that well!
Hiya Emma.. Good luck with your diet x x


Dont Worry Be Happy
Thanks everyone as well, feel like I've gate crashed your posting Shamu! Today is the big day then Shamu!Think positive!
gate crash my post anytime:), decided to start monday as i havent got much to do this weekend and i know id just make it more difficult for myself, Monday i start the gym for some light work out and next weekend i start football training (will be funny) so everything is still in place just start 2 days later than planed.
Enjoy your last day of solid food! lol

Good luck on Monday, and i look forward to hearing how you get on x x


Dont Worry Be Happy
thank you slimmersu i will enjoy my last meal, sounds like i am on death row, but Monday it is, i have decided to take everyday of this diet with a sense of humor i am betting it will last about 4hrs before the laughter stops :( but i am no quitter just want to get fitter, stay strong everyone :)
It will be the best thing you ever done!!!


Dont Worry Be Happy
It will be the best thing you ever done!!!
hope so :) day 1 hasn't been too bad so far had strawberry shake @11am don't know what i was expecting but didn't do much for me, belly started bawling and moaning at me at about 2:30pm just trying to hold off till 5ish before next shake, 2 shakes a day seems mean but cruel to be kind and all that. i have also started to think that the quick weight lose has nothing to do with the shakes, its the amount of water we drink which has me running up and down the stairs 20 times a day.now i know how flipper feels:)