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Hi Everyone! I have 13 stone to lose


now got pictures in album
Hi everyone! I've just found this part of the forum!! :D

I've got 13 stone to lose. I started Cambridge Diet just under 2 weeks ago, in my first week I lost 10lbs!!! :eek::D

I started at 23 stone 4lbs :eek::mad: I now weigh 22 stone 8lbs and I've got a weigh in next Tues. My ultimate goal is to get down to 10 stone 4lbs. I'm aiming high!!!!

But my first goal is to get into a size 18 (yes 18!!) pair of trousers and not have to shop in EVANS!!!

I am the fattest person I know. I cant wait for me not to say that and it wont be true.

Anyway, great to meet everyone :D:)
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wow 10lb in your first week is amazing bet that really gave u insentive to keep going. im new here too and i've also got at lot of wieght to lose so we'll have to encourage and keep each other going, im trying to do it with ww im not going to a meeting though im doing it from home. good luck for tuesday let us know how you got on. my 1st wiegh in is sunday so i've got me fingers crossed for that.
Welcome to the group and well done on your first great week. I lost almost 10st in 2006 on CD but unfortunately have regained 5st of it. Now Im struggling (it's much easier first time around) but have to get my act together before I graduate from Uni in 2009. I want graduation photos I'll be proud to display and not hide in the drawer!

Keep up the great work and you'll see your interim goals topple all the way down to your ultimate target! :)


Likes to eat
Hi lilypop!! welcome aboard!.

I know what you mean about being the biggest person you know - I felt like that for a long, long time.

The good news is that from here on in your officially shrinking!! 10lbs in one week??? that is amazing!!!!! your going to be a completely new person in the matter of a couple of months.

The very best of luck pet and will look forward to seeing how you get on x
your thread made me laugh! i am also the shortest and fattest person i know, started cambridge last monday, and also lost 10lbs, i have around 9 stones to lose, and i must admit right now it seems impossible, but i know we can do it:)! good luck! come summer we will be well on our way and buying clothes in asda(they go up to a 24)!:p
hi lillypop just like u im the biggest persone i know and with 15st to loss i know it ll be hard but not thinking of it all in one go im aimming for 10% to start with then ill set something else but im sure just like the rest of us ull do it hope next weighin goes ok ashley xxxx
Hi Lillypop

Well done that's an amazing loss in your first week, I was the same and it makes you feel over the moon doesn't it! :D

These forums are great for inspiration (and distratcion lol :p) I've lost count how many times I've looked at the slide show of before and after pics...amazing! Our pics will be up there in no time!!



now got pictures in album
thanks everyone for the great welcome! its so brilliant finding this forum, its a great inspirtation, I love seeing all the before and after pictures! ive taken loads of before pictures!!
It's a great idea to have 'before' pictures taken from both the front and side. I used to have mine taken every month so I could compare how much I was changing month by month. It was also far easier to see how much I'd lost in photos than by looking in the mirror. You can be far more objective when you see yourself in photos as it's like looking at someone else and it really does help to spur you on.

Your photos will be there on the Inspirations slideshow too before you know it! :)
Good luck! Hope it goes well for you. I fell off the wagon over Paddy's weekend back on track now though. Its so much harder after a big weekend but must be done!
lillypop my god well done on 1st week i too am starting this monday when i say starting i actually mean re- satrting never seem to get by day 2 but this time now ive found the web site am gonna do it so good luck to us both in fact good luck to every last one of us xxxx


now got pictures in album
thanks sams mummy, just get through the first 3 days and you'll be fine, they were the worst for me and now I feel OK, so just know that its going to happen and relax and take it easy and then you'll feel just wonderful!!!!
although im glad to go and try and loose weight im scared about all the loose skin and my saggy belly any tips on what type of exercise to do
Hey Lillypop and Fourteen-words...

I am abit late in welcoming you to the board so let me ask how you ladies are getting on..?

Keep us posted and take good care.