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Hi Everyone, I'm new...

Hi everyone, I'm knew to MiniMins. Joined yesterday and really love all the support and chat that everyone gives. I've never joined a support group on line before and think this will really help with my weight loss and motivation.
I'm 33 and have 2 kids and weigh an awful 212lbs, (15st 2lbs). Have tried loads of diets over the years, none seem to have worked long term... Stared Go Lower a couple of weeks ago and am going well at the moment. Would love to chat to anyone else doing the same and wanting to loose weight.:eek:
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I am also doing Go Lower, I just saw another of your posts. Great to hear you are going well. I have been on it a while now and could not be happier with the results.
Just saw you on another post and said Hi...
I went through ketosis thing at the end of last week, but thankfully all is well. In my first week lost 5lbs and yesterday my second week lost another 4lbs!! So pleased.. I know the blurb in GoLower says a stone a month, can't believe so far so good. Am really amazed with the results. Loving it...Hope you continue doing well.
Good luck


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yes I was shocked that I really do lose about a stone a month and still losing. It is a great diet isn't it?

Let me know how you are doing and if you have any questions drop me a line, I may be able to help, although don't forget use you personal consultant as well as that is what they are for.

Mine is very helpful, even if I think it is a silly query she never makes me feel stupid for asking.
good luck, you will get lots of help and support they all seem like a friendly lot on this forum :)
Can I ask what is 'go lower'?
Go Lower is the best diet ever. It's a bit like not dieting as you have to eat. The Go Lower people supply you with your meals, including snacks which consist of brazilian nuts coated in chocolate. All you do is supplement these meals with fruit, veggies and yoghurt. They even supply your breakfast cereal which I like to have with yoghurt and fresh fruit. [FONT=Arial, sans-serif]In just a few days you start to feel the real benefits of fat burning. Its great.
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]I am really 'enjoying' as much as you can enjoy a diet. Still new at it, this is only week 3, but so far so good having lost 9lbs in 2 weeks! I think SuzyK has been doing this longer and as she says when I'm not sure of something I do call my personal consultant who is always very helpful. The website Weight loss diet - Lose weight fast and enjoy real food on a ketogenic diet - Go Lower is a good place to start if you are thinking about doing this.
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Good luck and any questions, dont hesitate to ask.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]xx
Hi Shrinkingannie

Go Lower is the best diet ever. It's a bit like not dieting as you have to eat.
I couldn't agree more with Hchappyh.

I have been doing the diet for quite a few months now and it just gets better.

Hchappy you forget to mention the raspberries in chocolate, a totally different taste experience, but so lovely.......

If you have any questions I will try to help but Go Lower are also really helpful if you give them a call.
How could I have forgotton the raspberries is beyond me!!! They are of course delicious, but actually I prefer them without the chocolate (weird I know) on my cereal. I really love the bacon crunchy crisps and the nut bars. Think I could eat these forever.
SuzyK Have you tried making the garlic broccoli - its delicious and doesn't take up alot of time.
Lost another 4lbs this week, that's 13lbs in 3 weeks - Yeah!!!!!
Fantastic weight loss, well done!

Being a chocoholic I would always prefer my raspberries in chocolate but that is just me. I have kind of gone of the bacon crunch. I was using them as a crisp substitute when I started the diet but I opened a packet last week and never finished them and have not had any since. That is the advantage of keotosis, I am not hungry so I do not snack like I used to.

I haven't made any of the recepies yet, too lazy!

Keep up the good work!
Thanks SuzyK. You seem to be doing really well yourself. Can't believe you never finished your packet of bacon crunch - I love them. Well you've been doing this longer than me. I do love being in Ketosis as I love not feeling hungry, but at least if I do snack I know I've got something sensible and treat like to snack on.

Good luck with your next weigh in
Hi again

That packet of bacon crunch I didn't finish ended up in the bin, as I kept them in my lunch box for a few days and I thought I really need to throw them away as I am not going to eat them.

If anybody had said to be before staring this diet I would be throwing away my crisps substitute I would have not believed them!
SuzyK -Can't believe you threw the bacon crunch away - I love them. Know what you mean tho, when you're not hungry you're just not hungry! That is what is soo great about Go Lower. I can't believe how well its going...
Weigh in tomorrow, I hope it goes well. Feel as if it should - clothes are getting looser - what a great feeling.
My belt has gone to another notch tighter today so I know what you mean about clothes feeling loser. When I first did my belt up this morning I thought "Oh NO!! that feels a tiny bit snug", then I realised it was a new hole that I was using. A very proud moment for me!

I am sure your weigh in will be great as you have been doing so well.
Weigh in today - yeah, over a stone lost in 1 month. Who would have thought it possible. Not me..never lost weight this easily before.

I guess it means there is hope for everyone, if I can do it, anyone can.
Yey for me and yey for Go Lower.

Well done! Three cheers for you and Go Lower. Hip, hip, horray!!!!!!

I feel exactly as you do. I never knew it could be this easy.

Keep up the good work, you are doing great.
I feel the same about Go Lower. I want to tell everyone about it as it is so easy. I am sooooo passionate about the diet, why didn't I discover it years ago?
I agree. Friends are always asking me how I've lost weight especially since it's been so quick. After all I've only be doing this now for just over a month, and it's already really noticeable. I tell everyone how great Go Lower is...All these years of struggling with my weight, I feel my time has to get control over my body and all my weight issues. Thanks to Go Lower (and of course me!)

Good luck to you on your next weigh in.


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