Hi everyone!


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Hi there, Just found this forum, and looking around there seems to be a lot of support and inspiration :)

A bit about me, Im Anna, married (sept 2008) to Damian who ive been with since 1999. We have an 8 year old son together.

Ive always been overweight and in 2004 I joined weight watchers to tackle the problem, Damian dieted along with me as he is also overweight.
In 9 months I managed to lose 7 stone, going from a size 26 to a 14-16.
All of a sudden I actually felt good about myself and started going out to pubs with friends....That became my downfall, the weight slowly but surely piled back on leaving me where I am today, back at a size 26 and starting over again!

The last few years have been a bit of a weight rollercoaster for me.... Losing all that weight put me in a funny frame of mind and I ended up being put on anti depressants, Im not sure these helped in the putting back on of all my weight!
I finally managed to come off my anti-d's just before my wedding, now its a new year, im pushing 30, am andi-depressant free and ready to shift this weight again!!

Sorry for the essay guys, just nice to let you all know where I stand with my weight problem.

Look forward to speaking to you all, thanks for reading
Anna ;)

*dont know if I needed to change text size, but I did..so hope its not to small!*
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Don't apologise for the "essay" - i'm a naturally nosey person, so i love reading everyones info !! (and it was much shorter than mine lol)
In the few short weeks i have been a member of this site i have found it very helpful and it has helped me get back into the right frame of mind after my "xmas weight gain"
Have a look at some of the success stories, they are very motivational.
You have proved you can do it before (7 stone - wow) so you you know you can do it again. Maybe with support from everyone on here you might find it easier to maintain too.
Good luck.
(btw - font size is fine !)


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Hi, thanks for the warm welcome, Yes I think WW is the way to go for me. I'd like to think I can follow the plan without going to meetings, am going to at least try for a couple of weeks and see how I do.


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Hi Anna, welcome to Mini's :) it's a fabulous place full to bursting with supportive and helpful people, so I'm sure you'll fit straight in.

Good luck with your journey.


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Hi Anna and welcome to minimins hun. Good luck on your weightloss journey.