Hi From Florida! (OT)


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Hi Everone!

Just checking in briefly to let you know I'm having a great time here in Weston, Florida, staying with Ken's niece and her family. I've done loads of retail therapy and my four grandkids now have loads and loads of Osh Kosh clothes!! I've discovered wonderful salads for lunches and I'm still having bars and shakes for the other meals. I feel positively sylph like compared to some of the people I've seen around in the shopping malls......!!

I've been on an airboat ride on the Everglades and seen the alligators - awesome! I also took the Fort Lauderdale water taxi for the day and mingled with the rich and famous - although I haven't a clue who they were! I did discover a wonderful cheesecake factory - and admit to succumbing - but it was lovely!!!

Tomorrow we're going up to Orlando for a couple of days to take in Magic Kingdom and Seaworld - not something I was too fussed about but now feel I should do it while I'm here as I may not get the chance again. Swimming with dolphins is not on the agenda due to the cost, which is a shame but I'm not that fussed TBH.

Will be back on here again sometime after 18th November when I get back and have led the residential conference I'm doing the day after I get back!!
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ooh wow.. i bet its really nice and sunny..

Good to hear you're having a fantastic time.. I think you will have a wonderful time at seaworld and the magic kingdom.. something i deffo wanna do someday..

Keep us updated..!!!

x x


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Hi darling, your holiday sounds wonderful. So glad you could get online and post on minis. Enjoy the rest of your time in the States x x x


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Hi there , have a wonderful time , not been to seaworld since 1989 , bet theres alot of changes , also well done on being good, as you really can eat all you can there for a set price !


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sounds like a fab holiday!!!! Enjoy the rest of it!!!!!

Love Nas x


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im just jealous x


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Hi everyone!

Well, I'm back after a brilliant time, only 4lbs heavier than when I left UK!

Straight back into work for 3 days, then went down with a very heavy cold so haven't been around for a while!

Much better now, have lost the 4lbs in the last week - and raring to go again!

Off to Devon this weekend for a week with my elder daughter and her family.........won't be anything like the brilliant Florida sunshine though!!

Will catch up with you all later


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welcome back grandma, well done on the 4lb and hope you are feeling better now, enjoy your weekend.xxx

Lisa Marie

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Hi Chris, glad you had a fab time in Florida. It's all go for you at the minute off to Devon soon too, you lucky thing. Enjoy it you deserve it hunny. x