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hi girls ive been bad :(


please try again
3 days now ive been eating everything in sight :(

i hypo'ed while out in the car, luckily i had pulled over when i started to get dizzy and everything went black

im booked in for the diabities tests again ( am insulin resistant, they know im at great risk of type 2 and they always expected me to become diabetic at some point )

not sure if i should get back on it now and re assess after the tests or if i should so something like slimming world ( thou i gained weight while sticking to that ) and re evaluate it once i know whats going on?
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please try again
oh and my wee girl was not impressed when i grabbed her choc bar when i pulled over, lol

daft thing is 5 minutes after i had some of her choc the headache went, the fuzzyness went and i felt just fine


please try again
hmm ok guess ill just wait till my cdc comes back then
hey hon - thats pretty scary, glad u had the forsight to pull over!
id say to come off the diet until you know exactly whts wrong, then speak to your cdc, waiting a week or so then restarting is better than possibly putting yourself in danger x
i would wait until you have had your tests..! poor little'n getting her chocolate taken.. hehe.. =P

Glad you're alright.. and good job you pulled over..!!

x x


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I know what you mean about the feeling fine once you've had sugar/carbs. I've had extreme dizziness when I did the Atkins. It was bloody awful, but as soon as I had something with carbs in I felt fine.

I would say stay off it until you know what is going on. Is your CDC trained to take people on who suffer diabetes? x


please try again
not a clue what my cdc's trained in, dont really talk to her much, shes been away so cant contact her

i knew what was going to happen as ive hypo'ed before but last lot of tests came back in normal range
didnt have the blood glucose tester with me this time so dont know how low the levels were


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Apparently some are trained to take people on who have diabetes. So hopefully when you next speak to her she will be able to give you some helpful advice.

Good luck hun, I hope you manage to get it sorted. x

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