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hi girls


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just wanted to say hi and hope its ok to join u. I started slimmingworld on 7/5/07 did it for a week then started the cambridge. I have found the cambridge really hard so have decided today to carry back on with the slimmingworld. I never stopped going the sessions as i really enjoyed getting all the tips and i knew i would be back on it after a bit. So monday is my weigh in im a bit worried i will gain as i know u retain water when u 1st come off the cambridge.
It looks a lot quieter over here on this thread, the recipes look great! and im gonna try some this week.
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Hiya Judy, welcome, wow 22.5 lost already your doing fantastic. Do you find the plan easy? Keep us informed on your progress keep up the great work you must be really proud.


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hi yes i find it pretty easy as u can eat loads cant u.
your doing very well urself looks like we both have around the same to loose.
Its very quiet on this thread why? there must be tons of people on sw


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I dont know why it is so quiet it seems there is a lot more people on the ww forum. I still come on here everyday anyway to check for messages. See you around on here then and keep up yur good work.:D


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hiya judy :)
im on here every day when time allows but was ill yesterday (self inflicted though lol) so didnt get up off the sofa except to go to the loo!!

good luck with your weigh in tomorrow, let us know how you do. what days on sw are you following, red or green?

id do mostly green even though my weight comes off slower but i love my carbs and green days are much cheaper than red!!

make sure you drink plenty of water - at least 2.5ltrs a day to try and get rid of water retention it really does work but might take a week or 2 for your body to get the message that you are drinking enough so it doesnt need to hold onto water anymore ( hope that makes sense ? )

anyway, good luck and well done on your weightloss so far :D


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hi girls, i have been trying to still drink lots of water, but with feeling full coz im eating again its hard.
I do both days really red and green but i could do with some green ideas if u have any??
I just made the cottage loaf it was really nice and filling, we had a late dinner so i wont be having tea just some fruit maybe.
Its great to be able to eat again and it makes u appreciate everything, even a banana was the best thing ever lol
Hi all im doing lighter life im finding it hard.Ive lost 25 lbs but i find my lifes on hold.I did slimming world but never really lost my counciller couldnt work it out.She even showed a nutritionlistxx

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