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Hi guys, i'm louisa and new to lipotrim

Hi all im new to lipotrim and am on my third day its ok so far hard when i feel hungry but managing. I know i am going to have good results from just reading everyones threads and looking at there photos. I am so glad i found this site as it gives me people to relate to, talk to.I weigh 14.8 now and in a size 16/18 my goal is to get down to a size 12 ( feels like a dream) but know i will. Nice to meet u all.:):bliss:
Its really hard to drink all the water but managing it (still wish it was this i was drinking lol:party0027:)
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Welcome and good luck kiddo


Eloquent hooligan
Welcome aboard Lou :)

This is a great diet & 100% you can get to size 12 if you stick rigidly to the programme :)

The water is fat-busting juice - the more you drink the better the results :)


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Welcome Louisa, you are in good company here.Good luck with LT. It's easy...just don't cheat and the weight will drop off.The more water you drink the better your loss will be, so keep glugging girl.:D:D:D
Welcome and good luck Louisa.

How tall are you, if you don't mind me asking?

hi all thanks i'm really determined to stick to it,i am going on holiday in november so am using this as my goal to loose the weight. I think you r all great examples of just how the LT programme really works. I will keep u all updated xx


Eloquent hooligan
Hi i am about 5ft 6 and am 25. Before i had my kids i was a size 8/10 that's many years ago. My boy is 6 and my daughter is 5.
What colour are your eyes ;)
Leave off Howdy!!!!!!!!! Poor girl, youll frighten her off!!!!!! lol
Welcome Lou, you can do it hun and good luck for week 1 x
Howdy - lol!

I only asked coz I weigh a bit less than you but am still a size 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-( I'm 5' 5" so must just be very unlucky!!!

Mind you, I'm a 20 round my waist but I am an apple shape and only a 14 bottoms! And top am probably an 18 but like baggy tops.

Oh well, onwards and downwards!

You do that hun, You'll fly it! x Keep posting on here tho, it passes the time taking the p out of the fellas!


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Hey Louisa - I'm just a day behind you - just finishing day 2 now - I found today easier than yesterday - it was hell! I've drank about twice as much water today though so hopefully that helped!! I'm hoping to go on holiday over the Christmas holidays so if I can get that booked I'll have something to work towards!! I was 14 10 to start but hoping to get to 11.
of course you will do it lots of luck coming your way
Thank you Louisa. I have a lot to lose so I'm here for the duration!

To be honest, I didn't expect to find it so easy to stick to.

You'll be fine and I'm sure you'll reach your target - a lot faster than any other diet!

Make sure you keep posting your losses so we can follow your progress. The first WI is always the best coz you know you've made it through the first week and it will be your biggest loss.

Good luck hun.



Posts when she can
Best of luck with the diet. I'm sure u'll do well.

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