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Hi, I'm new..Advice welcome ;)


Is determined this time..
Hi Everyone,

I started yesterday am doing fine just have to go shopping and get the food in ..should have been a biit more prepared.
Can I ask what custard am I allowed, is low fat tescos custard allowed?
Just something convenient in a carton would be great for in between.
Hope i'm not on the wrong board , have only came bcak online since 2009 :wave_cry:
Is there a board where people actually put up what they are having for bereakfast/lunch /dinner ? Will have a look through them all now...
Thanks in advance for any help XXXX
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I would guess that any pre made custard is not allowed as there will be sugar and possibly other nasties in it. You'll have to make your own i think using sweetener and skimmed milk.

Have you read the book? It's really important to have read it thoroughly, at least through to the end of cruise phase and to have a well stocked fridge before starting on dukan.

We have a daily menu thread on the main dukan board in the stickies, where people post what they're eating on a daily basis. Would be good for you to start a diary too in our diaries section, just go to the sub forum and start a new thread.

Welcome to dukan!


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no carton custard is not allowed at all ....if you have the book or diet book check in there for a dukan custrad recipir or in the thread on here for recipies


Is determined this time..
Thanks very much girls, i do have the book , got through a lot of it , always have a kid calling in the backround haha..just when i saw the menus at the back and custard listed i was thinking woohoo its my favourite , well that put a stop to that haha..thanks girls , am looking forward to following it long term XXX


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Guys I eat a huge bowl of dairy farmers 99% ff custard every single day, Have been since I started and it has done nothing to me and I love it....LOL Mix it with oatbran and nomnom :) I cant stop!! Not sure if you get that brand over there though, Im also too lazy to make my own xxxxxx
Custard really aint allowed unless dukan if it 99% fat free you van garentee its loaded with sugar and salt. Best to make dukan custard x

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