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Hi i'm new here!

Hi Im new to this thread, I have started SW from home. done it a few years back before quickly getting pregnant and stopping!! anyway this is my third day and I was wondering if someone can advise if i am doing ok?

Breakfast - All bran with milk (HEA1) and banana
Lunch JKT with beans and cheese (HEA2)
Dinner sweet and sour chicken (5 syns for sauce) chicken as (HEB2)

Free foods snacked on during the day - banana, 2 x WW yogurt, coffee

Syns sugar - 2
milk - 0.5
sweet n sour sauce 5
choc finger 1.5 total 9 syns

Breakfast - All bran with milk (HEA1) and banana

Lunch JKT with beans and cheese (HEA2) AGAIN lol!!

Dinner - Pasta with free pasta sauce (quark oninons and mushrooms.....was yuk!!)

HEB2 - 3 babybel lights!

Free snacks - bananas, grapes strawberries quark with banana and straberry mixed yum! cucumber

Sugar 1
Highlights 2
kitkat 5 total - 8



Breakfast - All bran with milk (HEA1) and banana and strawberries
Lunch - Mugshot (0.5 syn)
Dinner SW chips 1 egg and beans

free food snacks banana strawberries, apple,

HEA2 - some milk as a drink! measured
HEB2 - some cheese measured

Sugar - 1
highlights 2
ww toffe apple yog 0.5
tiny slice of home made cake 5
thai mugshat 0.5
kitkat 5

total 14 syns!!!

So I have been doing green days so far, going to do red tomorrow!

I just wanted some feed back because I am feeling REALLY blubbery!! so wanted a second opinion on how I am doing. I go to the gym 2-3 times a week so hoping this will aid me!

Any advice greatfully received..

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Hi there, welcome along!

It looks okay, I'd be eating more superfree with meals though - eg salad and veg, and I don't think a mugshot for lunch is nearly enough!

Are you having 42g of allbran for your breakfast? I know it's not always possible but do try to vary what you eat, the body likes a change!

Good luck.


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Hi Kelby, welcome to the forum and wish you well with SW, its a great plan. RE your sugar, could you not swap that with sweetener? I only have 1/2 per cup and since swapping, it does save syns, could be another choc finger :)

Also, we have a newbie support group on here "From here to Eternally Slim". You are more then welcome to join us and again, we'll all advise you too. Good luck with your journey. x


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Hey there!

My food plans started similar to this, because I didn't used to eat much (a mugshot would have been plenty for me at dinner) but now I'm making sure I eat a fair bit more, just the right stuff.

I have the problem with superfree. Apart from fruit, I don't really eat much superfree, because I don't like a lot of vegetables - I only really like Broccoli, Carrots, Peas, Swede, Peppers - not the usual salady type things.

Keep up the good work! xxx


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^^ If they are the only veg you like then have them! You can use salad, peas, peppers and broccoli in a salad, I often do!
Thanks for all of your replies!

The only reason I have sugar on there is because my husband keeps forgetting to put sweetner in my coffee!! He usually makes my first coffee! lol :rolleyes:

I will take a look at the newbie thread.

I havent had much in the food cupboard this week due to lack of funds! I am trying a red day out today, gonna have chicken salad for lunch.

HAs anyone tried making the banoffe dessert? I was going to give it a go.

Thanks again

Katie :D

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