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Hi I'm new - Opinions needed please


Gonna do it this time

I've just joined and am seriously considering doing a VLCD. I've got about 7 and a half stone to lose (eek looks awful written down) and having chatted with hubby am probably able to afford doing one until Christmas then will need to go back to WW or the like. At least I should have broken the back of it by then.

I haven't got a clue what the benefits are of each one. I've looked into Lighterlife and W8 and each look good although I prefer the fact on W8 I can actually put food in my mouth.

Another question is what happens when I stop. Will I put it all back on again if I increase from 500 or so calories back to over 1000.

I've got PCOS so shifting weight is really hard so the idea of this really appeals.


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Welcome to minis .... take a look through each of our forums. We have VLCD's - LL/CD/LT/W8 and also SW and WW .... all with lots of members having lost huge (excuse the pun!) losses on each. People also swap about between each of these.

Any other questions you have ask away!


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Welcome :)
I had 5.5 stone to lose. Started CD 10 days ago and lost 8lbs in teh first week :)
It cost me £35 per week. I chose to do Sole Source which is nil by mouth lol. There are stabilisation and maintenance phases to the weight loss to help you not to regain the weight lost afterwards :)
I now spend less on CD than I did on food per week, especially with all the little extras like snacks, chocolate and chinese takeaways!
Good luck with whatever you decide :)
Hi - there's info on all the sites. I'd tried lots of diets (WW, SW, Scottish Slimmers, Atkins, F-plan etc) and tried VLCD in desperation. I'd recommend this as you see results quickly and the 'all or nothing' approach suited me. It does seem expensive compared to other diets but when you consider joining fee and weekly fee plus food I think VLCD is actually cheaper !!! I researched LL and CD and decided on CD because of cost and that I didn't have a need for counselling so it seemed pointless to spend £30 for this (only difference between CD (£38approx)and LL (£68 approx). You could lose 5 stone by Christmas ...................
Can recommend CD - you can have tetras (much nicer than shakes/soups) and the bars are yum.
If you follow the diet rules you will lose the weight, no question about it. You are right to be concerned about what will happen afterwards. CD have steps to follow as you start eating real food again, it sounds like you won't be following this if you are switching straight to WW or similar. Personally I don't think that matters, what is important is not going back to the eating habits which gained you the weight in the first place. So while you are losing it is worth thinking hard about what permanent changes you will be making to your WOE, be realistic about your weaknesses and your binge triggers if you have them.

Good luck with the diet, and with the rest of your slim life.

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