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hi im new to lighter life first day

Im not liking the food lol not one bit, im heaving at it and can't stand the smell of the bars...

Im doing really well at the water almost 5litres.... headaches this morning and felt lazy this afternoon...

ANY TIPS on food would be appreciated i know the first week is hard but omg wouldn't be so bad if the food tasted nice, not hungry thou!:rolleyes:
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Good luck with your first LL week, stick with it, the first few days are the hardest but eventually you'll get to like the food packs, honest!!! My top tips

I like the vanilla shake made with hot water and a teaspoon of instant
coffee (tastes like a latte)
I like the chocolate milkshake made with a teaspoon of instant coffee, one sweetener and served over ice
I like the mushroom soup with lots of black pepper in it
I like the chicken soup made into crispy poppadoms, see the recipe thread

I use a stick blender for all the drinks and then strain them thru a tea stainer so they're really smooth. And drinking the cold drinks thru a straw helps them go down quicker at first. Keep with it, your taste buds and stomach get used the packs quite quickly x

Deb G

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Go to the recipe pages and try making the muffins and crisps - they'll help you get the packs down if you're struggling. Also - a few weeks in, your tastebuds will alter, and you'll start finding that you really like the foodpacks that you hated before!!
Thanks guys, i survived yesterday lol still alive! Drunk almost 6litres of water did a chicken soup which was powdery still, downed two rashperry shakes with water and ate a toffee bar tiny peices with water....

LOL gag and gag, tears running down face also, had some parectomel,went to bed early! LOL i thought it would be a brease in the park like!

Not doing to bad today, 2litres water and a lemon bar! Just trying to get on with it and raise,feed and take fours kids to school ...

Partner joked it would of been cheaper to eat my son's bABY food.... So dertimined to do this ive got 4 stone to lose...


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Keep that determination going!!!! it will keep you going, keep coming on here and posting that helps lots!
You just have to keep saying to yourself I CAN DO THIS........ I WILL DO THIS........

We are all here to help you get threw it...... Another tip make hubby taste it... I do...
:welcome:You seem to be doing well, it will get better. You have the right idea with the water - glug glug. Try putting some of the bars in the fridge I find they are better. I beleive the is a lovely lemon cake you can make with that bar, or you could cut the toffee up in to small pieces and put it in the freezer and have them like sweets.

Good luck and keep posting.
Wow good ideas, just drinking the vanilla one with coffee thanks .... its quite nice! Weve gotta drop in on sunday, im gonna go along and see if anything's changed on the scales and have chatt with the leader lol...

Deb G

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Toffee bars are better frozen. Lemon bars are gorgeous baked or microwaved into biscuits and cranberry bars are gorgeous all by themselves!!!!

Thai chilli or chicken soup made into crisps are heavenly...

And as for chocolate made into muffins......don't get me started!!!

You can also make the shakes into mousse by adding only about 40mls of water and leaving for about 5 mins for it to 'set' a little (I use mine as icing on my muffins).


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IMO the toffee bars are totally disgusting no matter what you do with them and always make me gag, the first I ate one I thought I would cry.
It does get better once you sort out which ones you like. Try experimenting a bit.
The lemon bars make gorgeous biscuits. Chop into 8 equal pieces, place around the edge of a plate and microwave for about 45 secs (mine is 800w) once cool they should be totally crispy just like a biscuit. You might have to adjust the timing a bit, but if you do it longer only do 10 secs at a time otherwise they burn and are minging.
vanilla and caramel muffins are also very nice.
most of the shakes mix into decent mousse or custard (just mix with hot water) hot chocolate is good and I live on the lattes.
I couldn't take the soups until I added pepper and lo salt to them.
It does get a lot better
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Just make sure when you add tabasco that you do one tiny drip at a time, a little goes a very long way :eek:
Hehe - I give it about 5 or 6 really good shakes!!

I looooooove my spicy food!!! Mo hotta, mo betta!! :)

Go on.,....give it a good whack!!! :D
Hi xsparklex,

It's my second day! The shakes have not been too bad for me thank god. I tried to make a muffin though today and it turned into a concrete block i nearly burst into tears over the wasted pack.......things can only get better, I stay motivated with everyone being positive on here, thanks all xx
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Sparklex how come you're on bars if you're only in your first couple of days? You're only meant to go onto bars when your body has gone into ketosis - did your counsellor not tell you that?

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