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Hi i'm new

Hi there. I started lighter life today and what was meant to be my first day turned into a bad day. Come lunch time i was so hungry, i just ate evrthing in site. then i felt really depressed cause of what i had done. i don't want to give up but it did cross my mind. Do you think i can put a line under it and do it for the next 6 days 100% and still get a good loss?
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hi there, dont be too disheartened just focus on why you joined lighterlife and think of how happy you will feel when you start to see the results of sticking to the diet, i too have lapsed 1st time was on day10 & i was devastated but still went on to lapse again a week later!! however i have now been in astinence for over a month, i wont say it is easy but everyone copes differently, for me i just take it day by day & so far have lost 1st 12lbs in 6wks.
there are lots of fantastic people on here that have helped me at my time of need so when you need some help post it on here & im sure you will recieve plenty of words of encouragement.

Good luck hun

Nicky xx
S: 15st4lb C: 13st6lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 35.5 Loss: 1st12lb(12.15%)
Oh i forgot to say you should still see a good loss this week if you stick to the diet 100% for the next 6days, once you are in ketosis the feelings of physical hunger will go

Nicky xx
Thank you so much for your advice, i will take tommorrow as a new week. Hopefully i will get a good loss still. Good luck with your week.


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Why start tomorrow when you could just start now?

Good luck with it! It is worthit, you just need to believe in yourself and remind yourself now and again why you started and why you wanted this!

Kat xx


Gotta Make A Change
Believe in yourself
and wait till you see results you will keep going and going
1 lapse ain't nothing forget it and concentrate on
abstaining 100% it isn't hard trust me
First day...it could be worse!

Get into the right mindset...don't think about food, focus on abstaining from food. You will only succeed if you don't keep thinking about what you could be eating.

Good luck for the rest of the week ~ it will be worth it. xx :)
You are both right. I'm going to stop beating myself up. I've just got to focus. I'm going to try and get to the gym before work tommorrow at least that way i can boost my 6 day weight loss. Thank you so much for all your encouragement.
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imo, unless you already live at the gym... don't go there until your well into ketosis... because until you *are* you'll be more hungry than usual... and you need to give your body adjusting time. Instead why not make a list of distractions... when you feel hungry drink some water and go do that instead.
Spend tonight getting your mind focused and have a plan... but just because you 'cheated' doesnt mean you should spend the night eating. ;)

As for the weight loss... think positive, since you aren't in ketosis yet - you wont have knocked yourself out.

And nice to meetcha!
Just a thought Wessa, I was swimming 3 times a week before I started LL, and I found on my first 2 or 3 weeks of the diet that I felt a bit woozy during swimming.

I have cut it down to 2 very gentle swims a week as I don't want to overdo things on a very low calorie diet.

Don't go too mad whilst your body is adjusting. I know a lot of people say they had fantastic weight losses with no excercise at all.

Just get used to the adjustment and let your body tell you when you are ready. xx :)
I think i'll give the gym a miss then, i suppose i was being a bit too ambitous lol. Distractions is something that i'll need to find. I'll have to get the Suduko books out at lunch times followed by Cosmopotitan magazine. I will do it i just want to get one full day out of the way.


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Have a bath, paints your finger/toes nails. Pamper yourself etc...

Kat xx
Thanks for the advice, pampering sounds good. I'll also be carrying peppermint tea around with me, my councillor recommended it for getting to sleep when your really hungry.


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Wessa the hunger will pass once you hit ketosis, I promise. Then you may experience the emotional hunger, I never did but I guess it depends on our individual issues with food.

The CBT will help you work through those!

Stick with it hun :)

Kat xx
I'll be living on this forum for the duration, i can see you've all had fantastic losses, so well done. It is inspiring for a new starter like myself.


Enjoying life!
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We have all been right there Wessa and probably all wondered if we would make it in that first week but like you say, look at people's profiles, read their post's, the journey will amaze and inspire you and best of all, it doesn't take too long!

Kat xx
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I guess what you do depends on your circomstances... like is your hunger there during your work lunch break?

What can you do differently with your time? Maybe if you work near a town go window shopping (leaving money behind/at home)... I know I'm a boredom eater and long boring breaks are the worst!

One thing I've been doing is watching the biggest loser on youtube... each episode is an hour of my time, and for me its inspiring stuff!
Week one... I went shopping a LOT, and tried to see friends in non-food orientated places.

Also, clear out your fridge of snack foods. Its harder if you have a family, but when your tempted your going to go for the quick and easy instant gratification stuff rather than spending an hour cooking.
Yeah my cupboards do need clearing. I am going to start leaving my money at home. I might take a walk into town on my lunch break and in Manchester city centre there is loads of shops (non food) to occupy my hour.


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Hi Wessa
Welcome to LL and please don't beat yourself up about it, just remember that after day 3 or so when you are in ketosis you WON'T feel hungry. I know it is hard to believe in those first couple of days but we all promise it is true. Stick with it you can do it.
Milli x
I've thought about a strategy to get me through the first few days. I'm gonna start the day with buckets of green tea, peppermint tea and of course water. I'll have my first shake at 10am, then i'll have my porridge before i go to bed. In between I'll try and space my shakes out with 5 hours intervals. How does that sound?

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