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Hi im new

hi kelly and welcome to the wonderful world of cambridge :).
The cost varies hun depending on the plan u choose and the councillors have no fixed rate BUT if u follow the ss (sole source) it ranges from around £35- £40 although if ur over 5 foot 8 this will be slightly more as u have to increase the amount of packs u have.
this may seem expensive but if u consider what u spend on food, alcohol, take aways, pop, etc etc there isnt such a big difference.
i did slimfast and in my honest opinion cd isnt much difference in cost although the losses are much better.
the best of luck with ur journey.
keep us informed how ur getting on and rest assured that there are plenty of people willing to help u when the going gets tough.
Welcome and good luck on your journey!

I am on 3 packs a day and pay 35.28 a week. I know CDC's vary slightly in the prices they charge. Mine charges: shakes, soups and porridge -1.68 Tetra paks and bars - 1.98.

So, can vary somewhat week to week, but I have no interest in getting the bars or tetras, so a set price for me.
Thanks guys i cant wait to start i done lipotrim but the shakes were horrible and i saw that CD has alot more choice so fort i would go for it! Plus I could really do with loosing around 8-14lbs a month! Just waiting for the CD lady to get back to me so I will prob start on monday or tuesday depending on when she calls back.
Think I would start on ss for a couple of weeks gonna start guzzling the water now to get me used to that. Can u drink white tea?

Thanks x
Good luck on your journey, it is def worth it


is back on it...
Hey Kelly,

Good luck for you start!... im sure once the pounds start coming off you will keep at SS for longer than a few weeks!... becoming thinner is defo addictive!... :)

I drink tea with skimmed milk and sweetner, and so far (touch wood), hasnt effected my losses would recommend you also stock up on some Ketostix to make sure your in the "happy place"!! and some Senekot for those bunged up days.. :)

You will do brill, ohh also if your looking for a team to join we are looking for a some new chatty team members... we are Team 33 in the team threads...

Thanks, what are ketostix? im sooo glad i dont have to give up my tea!! thats how i drink it anyways so no change there.

thats good coz when i was on slimfast there was hardly anyone on there


is back on it...
Ketostixs are little strips that you pee on and they tell you if your in Ketosis or not... which is the when the magic happens!... ha!..:) Ketosis is when your body switches from burning carbs for energy to burning your fat for energy instead... you also get a "glowing" sort of feeling and the hunger pangs should go. To get in quickly make sure you stick to just your packs for at least 4 days 100% and drink tons of water...then i switched to SS+ which included the 200 cal meal recommended from the books :)

Your Cambridge Counsellor will help you out with the Ketostixs.. if not you can buy them off ebay.. :)

Have you found out when your going to start yet?...


Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Welcome and good luck! :)
hi and welcome kellymarie l have 2 tetrasand a bar(shakes are cheaper) every day totaling 42 pounds per week hope that helps
well she called this morning but does a different area so i mite have to find someone else but she sent me the odrer for so i can have a look see what i would want to order. thanks for all the advice ladies x