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Hi I've jumped on the Bandwagon TODAY!!!

Hey all,

After reading all of your beautiful success stories ive decided to start lipotrim :character00116:

Im so excited and cant wait till weigh in :D

So ive had the strawberry shake and to my suprise i loved it lol, im gonna come on here daily and note down how i feel etc, just so all you gals on here can support and push me on.

Anyone wanna be my buddy?

Woooooohooooooo (sorry just expressing my exictement :eek:)
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Hi There :welcome2:
Good for you deciding to do this. As you can see from other threads its a fantastic diet and has amazing results.
I get on this forum everyday as it keeps my motivation high and its so nice to have the support and understand that you are not alone in this.
Keep to the diet, 3 shakes a day and keep sipping your water throughout the day and you will be fine.
You will feel a little hungry in the first couple of days, but once you are past that and enter ketosis you will start feeling less hungry and more detached from food.
I have my fourth weigh in on friday and havn't felt this good in a long time. I can feel the difference already. Its come off my face and stomach and my love handles are disappearing! woopie!
Good luck with your first week and if you have any queries come on here and ask.
Emma x
Hiya Ur very welcome

I surf this site everyday it gives me great support. It's true i'm onto my 3rd week and you become more detached from food. The first week is the hardest I was dreaming about naan bread! It does get easier. I'm slimming for a wedding in october. I met a mate in my town this morning who is going to the wedding I didn't tell him I was on lipotrim. I want to surprise everybody. I'm so determined. I've bought my dress a size 12 a victoria beckham number and I had better fit into it!
Hey girls, glad to hear from you.

Im havent told anyone apart from the nosey peeps who live with me LOL.

You girls have done so well with your weight loss.
I feel like this right now LOL:17729:
But im not gonna give in coz on here is loads of motivation.



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Welcome! I started today too. I'm alittle nervous about the first week, but I'm hoping to enter some sort of zen food state. :D

I had a vanilla shake for brekky and added a spoonful of coffee! Was actually very nice. Kinda like an iced latte.

Here's to solidarity and strength in the face of food.
Don't worry 'ineedtobestrong'

The first week is really hard. Keep at it get up every morning and try try again. I promise once you get onto week 2 and the weight starts coming off you'll feel much better. I get weighed saturday can't wait!
I know it is :sigh: Im so hungry right now LOL.

Can u advise me on how i can deal with an outing ive got tomorrow.
Im going to a suprise party and there is going to be loads of food What shall i do??????????????

Personally im afraid to say unless you really have to go I would cancel. Or go to the party eat and start again the following day. I crammed in a few mates for a night out before I started so now I say to them until the weights of im sitting in. I'm afraid this diet is v boring, i go to bed at 8pm! Unless your really disciplined its very hard to go to social evenings and not eat. However everybody is different. I have a friend on lipotrim and she goes out with her friends for dinner and sits with a glass of water. I couldn't do that. It's a long journey i'm hoping mine will be no longer than another 11 weeks. All I can say is keep at it.
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I find the best way to deal with outings and social situations where food is the norm is to actually make an excuse to those I'm with. I find if I tell people I'm on a diet they try to tempt me. But if I say im not drinking cuz on medication, or I don't feel like eating cuz of an upset tummy, people tend to leave you alone and don't try to force food or drink onto you.

My close friends and family know I'm on LT, but I don't like to announce it to everyone I'm with. Just take one day at a time, and every time you feel tempted imagine that perfect dress, or how well you will feel when you have reached your goal. The first week is hardest but once you have got through it the time will fly and before you know it you will have been on LT a month.

Keep strong and good luck

ames xXx
Ok girls, ive flopped :cry:

This is so hard, i spoke to my hubbz and he said that i should start after friday as i have my best friends surprise party to attend on fri night. Im so frustrated right now :break_diet:

Once i start i need to stay there, PLEASE :help2:

What can i do to start and stay there???
S: 25st2.0lb G: 12st7.0lb
First of all don't beat yourself up. Take a bit of time to mentally prepare yourself to start on the programme. The weekend before I started I went to visit friends and family and had several 'last meals' and drinks with them all. I talked to them about LT and the reasons I wanted to do it and when I was planning to start.

I also spent a lot of time reading the success stories here, there are so many wonderful people here that are truly inspiring. I also got a tape measure and took all of my measurements, even my ring sizes! and a few photos and put them all in a box. My plan is to open that box again in 4 weeks and retake those measurements to see how far I have come.

Finally I have a silly expensive dress. I got it when I worked in Selfridges, I walked past it for weeks and every time I saw it I just wished it was something that I could wear. Its a size 12 and when it went into the sale I snapped it up. My goal is to fit into that dress, and every time I feel weak I just imagine how it would feel to fit into that dress. I'm pretty positive that nothing on earth could taste better than that would feel.

So don't feel down, take your time, pick yourself up and try again. You have the love and support of your hubby and everyone here. You can do it :)

ames xXx
Hey ames,

Your such a darling :hug99: i went to my best mates house for a surprise party and got it all out of my system so tommorow is a fresh start.

Im on my monthlys so i dont know how my body will take it with no food etc etc, as i faint alot with my monthlys.

Taking my son and brother to the zoo, so hopefully lunch will be ok.

So here goes to an enjoyable lipotrim weekend ;)



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I started on Thursday and really struggled yesterday but managed to get through it. Part of it for me is I can't afford the £36 if I'm going to cheat plus my dh is just waiting for me to fail so I want to prove him wrong!

Tucked away in my wardrobe I have a pair of size 10 Rock and Republic jeans that cost £320. I bought them before I got pregnant with my second and they used to make me feel soooo good!
I'm intending to dig them out today and hang them on the front of my wardrobe so when I'm tempted to eat I can go look at them.
Nothing tastes as good as wearing those jeans make me feel!


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S: 14st4lb C: 9st11.8lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 21.9 Loss: 4st6.3lb(31.13%)
Ps I'm not flaunting I have expensive jeans (I'm sooooo poor now I have to pay for childcare it's untrue) just that having something really special that you can't buy every day will help me along!!

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