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Hi joined today


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Hi chantelle,

I have about that to lose to, have you ever done it before?..i have, and the first time round i thought it would take forever...it didnt...so its not really as longer way to go as you think :) you will be nice and trim before you know it...good luck hun! xx
Hi Gemma,

Thanks for the reply, I have tried SW in the past but struggled with red and green days but love the extra easy plan. It's a bit daunting having so much to lose but I'm desperate to be slimmer :). What diet are you following? Xx


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I have a few probs with slimming world! firstly is our local rep who runs the meetings is around 3 stone over weight herself and if you have ever seen little Britain....well she is a bit like that...she also works at our local super market and seems to magically appear at the self serve checkout behind us whenever we had a cheat day! so going to the weigh ins were out the question! Also my dear husband to be has around the same as us to lose and he is a NIGHTMARE with fruit and veg and all things good...I just got sick of the tantrums at tea time! and if both of you are not on board nothing will work SO...this time round its slim fast, with a very well planned nutrionally balanced breakfast instead of dinner, then dinner one or two days a week...he is much better with breakfast foods.....

Im at my wits end too, Ive got it all off before then moved in with OH and put 6st on in a year, previous to that I had been big all my life so knew no different, now i do...now im twice as miserable than i was the first time round! xx
Oh dear at the slimming world consultant what a nightmare haha. I have tried slim fast but Im not a fan of milk or milk shakes so I found it very hard. I love fruit and veg tho so being able to eat loads of them works for me :). How long have you been doing it for and are you seeing good results?


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First day today! joined yesterday! i will keep you posted! , Thats just it, diets are so individual i think thats why i lot of people find it hard (myself included) it surprising how many people are on the wrong one for them, so easy to give up when you're not seeing results...x

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