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Hi - My Op Is On 30th March - Excited and Nervous.....

Hi i'm Emma you can call me Emz.

Im on day 4 of my pre op diet, i am having a Gastric Bypass on the 30th March 2009. I am 5ft 6inches and 24 stone / 154kg / 336lb

Best decision i've ever made having this Op. My weight has ruled my life.
I was bullied at school because i was slightly chubby and it has left a big scar and has scarred me ever since.
I'm now 30 and its still ruleing me, i have decided to take charge and sort this out the expensive but very worth it way, i've tried it all and nothing has worked for me.

I now have set some goals in my life, something i've never done before, my life has always been all over the place, mostly depressed too. These goals are keeping me focused and positive.
I'm starting college in September this year to do Human Biology and Sociology and redo my English and Maths, then next year i will apply to Hull University to do my degree in Midwifery.
I want to get my weight down so i feel confident in the uniform, i can then concentrate fully on my work and the patients rather than feeling insecure about how i look, which is the way i've been since i was 12, because of what happened to me at school.

My boys, Jack (9) and Ashley (5) are looking forward to having a fun energetic mummy that will be able to run around the park and join in the play. They are the 2 things that have kept me going through my depression, amazing little boys, i'm so proud of them. Very happy, bright and smart young lads. My fiancee Steve is supporting me too, he is very nervous, more so than me about this operation, he's scared something will go wrong, but the surgeon has eased his mind loads, because for a very overweight person, i am luckily very healthy, another reason to sort out my weight now before diabetes or any other horrible disease sets in.

I have started a diary and will try to update it as often as possible to try and help anyone else who reads it.

I am here not just for myself but i will support you all too. Any questions you have don't hesitate to ask, or tell me your stories, we can guide each other through our journeys

Good Luck Everyone! xxxxx
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At Goal & Now Maintaining
HiYa Emz,
Welcome to Minis,
Congratulations on deciding to have a gastric bypass, You will not regret it one bit, I am 3 months post op and feeling so much better already. There are lost of people on this site who have had the Op so if you need any help then just ask, You will probably be better off posting in here Surgical Weight Loss - MiniMins.com - Weight Loss Support Forum Its the surgical weight loss section.
Where are you getting your Op done? I had mine at The Alexandra Hospital by Mr Ammorri.
Wishing you all the very best!
Hi & Thanks,

I'm having my Op done at Nuffield Hospital in Leeds.

All advise is greatly received, what shall i take into hospital with me? I am filling my ipod with music and movies at the moment, help pass the time.
That's close now emz, good luck with the op and welcome to minimins.
Thanks Jim.

Day 5 of pre op doet today.

I feel worse late afternoon and in the evenings, thats when i really miss food. I get the munchies bad then.
I've heard this before emz, what's the pre op diet for? I know I wasn't allowed to eat for 24 hours before my hip op, but not a diet?

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Sounds like you are doing well on the diet, and knowing your 'trigger' times is all important to any diet, and I'm sure post surgery too.

Good luck for the op, I haven't had weight loss surgery, but have had surgery in the past, I can totally understand how you are feeling and the nerves are all too natural. ((hugs))

Hope to read about your successes in the months to come. :)
I've heard this before emz, what's the pre op diet for? I know I wasn't allowed to eat for 24 hours before my hip op, but not a diet?
The pre op diet is to shrink the liver so it doesn't get in the way or damaged whilst our stomaches are being stapled and played about with.
Thank you xxx

Day 9 pre op diet - THE BIG DAY TOMORROW

OMG i am going in today, I AM SOOOO NERVOUS!
Good luck emmz! I can't wait to hear how it goes.

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