HI----My scales are rubbish!


So I paid for weight watchers scales a few months ago. And like all scales i buy the weight changes depending on where i am stood on the scales and where the scales are placed. the weight watchers scales also have special "carpet feet" but still weigh different. I place them in the same place every wk . then to make sure ( and out of curiosity) i put them in 3 other places in the house to see what happens! they always change!

I started a fresh yesterday on W/W. So weighed myself about an hour after tea (just underwear on, making sure i didn't have a necklace on :-D---like you do) At one point I was 10st 5 (meaning i lost 4lb since last wk) then i got on them again 10st 9!!!! (meaning I lost nothing) I didnt let it get me down (I just based myself on the heavier weight) -New start and all that.

So that night I went to the gym. Did an hrs workout. then jumped on the scales there. Wearing gym stuff, trainers etc. Now these scales always seemed to weigh me heavier then others, so was dreading it when my boyfriend stood behind me. But I weighed 10st 6lb-ish!!! I was sooo happy. My plan is to use these scales for the weekly weigh ins and thats an incentive to go to the gym on a monday.

Im just a bit disappointed and confused with my ww scales.
---Am I right to go of the scales at the gym? :-S ----
I get so confused x x x :(
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Charly, I suppose like the rest of us, we become a bit obsessed by scales.

Ideally, you would put your scales somewhere and leave them there - and just get on and off them when you need to get weighed so that the moving them issue doesn't occur.

I suppose with the ones at the gym they are likely to be calibrated (maybe not?) so might be more accurate.

At the end of the day - they tend to be out by a few pounds here or there. The important thing is that its the same scales, in the same place, at roughly the same time, with the same clothes (or not ;) that will give you the most accurate reading.

Maybe yours showed up so weirdly because you moved them a few times. Maybe they need time to "settle" before you weigh on them again.

Don't become obsessed with them like me though....:D I am now weaning myself off....x


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they have a good set of scales in out local tescos by the pharmacy.



Thanks all,
I have also thought my scales need to settle! I hope. Its a shame when your on your 3rd pair -expensive pair this time and it does the same as the others.

It does become quite addictive though! I limit myself to monday only!

I think i need to mark where i put my feet on the scales too! hehe. it gets a little annoying really.
I would join up to W/W properly for a proper weigh in but I can't afford it. Im using books my friends have given me and I bought a more up to date shopping guide last year!

I started out the first wk of the year weighing 10st 10 and now im 10 st 6. and thats with cheating on my diet. so a steady weight loss! YAY!



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All scales weight so differently so i would stick to the same scales each week and the same place other wise they will be different and you will get upset as thats what i do.
Good luck :)


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scales can be funny, i always weigh in of a morning in my birthday suit and it has to be on the exact same tile on the bathroom floor and i just go off what it says"!

suz x


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I had a pair of WW body monitor scales for christmas and have the same problem, no matter where I put them in the house, they weight differently and I can get on off then on again within a space of 1 min and (in the same place) and get a different reading, whereas my old Elk digtal ones weigh the same every time no matter where they are. I'm not overly impressed with the WW ones to be honest.


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I absolutely HATE scales, I can have a 5lb weight difference on mine within 2 minutes without moving them, I HATE THEM HATE THEM HATE THEM and unfortunately I am obsessed by them.

Can only second what others have said and go by the same set in the same place on a weekly basis. I use mine all the time, but will only accept what the scales at my ww meeting say, havent tried the gym ones yet though...I feel it coming on tonight!

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Mine are iffy too!! and unfortunately I too am obsessed with them!! Everytime I stand on my scales, I have to do it a second time because the first time makes you 3lbs heavier - EVERY TIME!!!! What is that about!!



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I'm going back to using my old ones