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Hi! Newbie starting Lipotrim

Hi everyone!!

I am new here. i did an intro thread in the intro section and it turned out long!!!

Long story short, i have struggled with my weight for almost 8 years. after losing 4 stone about 6 years ago i became a personal trainer and fitness instructor. however after a hard time at work and some personal issues, the weight has slowly crept on over the years. more recently i had a baby and when i was pregnant my husband started an affair with someone else. my baby is 8 months old now and i have about 6 stone to lose. it has been hard with everything that has been going on to get into the right frame of mind to lose the weight. I started Lipotrim maintenance back in May, my baby was only 5 months old then and they dont let you do lipotrim TFR until your baby is 6 months old. whilst doing the maintenance plan i lost about 10 pounds in 2 weeks however then i went to america for a month and have been really busy all summer with different activities and trips, and am currently in Spain on a 2 week holiday. when i go home from holiday on 1st sept i plan to start lipotrim TFR. i know it will be hard but i am really ready to get started properly. i NEED to lose this weight!!!!

any tips or advice greatly appreciated!!
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Hiya, when are you starting? Mine starts tomorrow for the first time ever, ive been told to be really committed! I have about 4 stone to lose! :D
Hi there. I return home from holiday on the 1st september so i am going to go as soon as possible when i get home to the pharmacy to get started. while i am here in spain i am hoping i will get a bit of a kick start as my sister eats super healthy, we are not eating out, she has no junk food in the house and i am walking and swimming every day.

Good luck to you!!!!!
well done for making the decision to strart put all of your past issues and look too where you want to be not where youve been.
the only things i would say is be 100% commited and drink lots and lots of water and hunni it will work for you x x x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Lots of luck on your journey. Don't think too far ahead. Take it a week at a time. Perhaps set yourself some mini goals like a little reward for every 10lbs off. Maybe even set aside some money for every pound you lose and put this towards your new wardrobe!
Pick something out of the wardrobe that was two sizes too small and try it on every couple of weeks to see how it starts to feel!
Another great idea, is to take your measurements. Measure your chest, waist and hips an day one and then take your measurements every two weeks to see how you are losing the inches.
Above all, when you feel like eating, just focus on why you want to do this and how good you will feel when you regain the old you!!


I will never give up
hi good luck on your journey
Hi Everyone,

I'm also new to this forum as well. I'm starting my TFR shakes tomorrow. I did Lipotrim about 4yrs ago and lost 2.5 stone within 6 weeks. Thought I could have a wee cheat and go back on the shakes but that wasn't the case. Tried a few times after that to start again but failed every time. I have put all of the weight back on and more with.
All through my teens and early twenties, I was thin. It wasn't until I had my first son in 2001 that I started putting on weight. I never lost the baby weight when I got pregnant with my second son in 2003, In fact I put on more weight AFTER my seconds son birth than during the whole pregnancy. Yet again two and half years later I went into my 3rd pregnancy(2005) heavier than when I was 9mths pregnant in the previous one. (am I confusing you all).

My starting weight is 252lb
My goal weight is 137lb

Anyway, here I am again determined to get this weight off once and for all. I know how difficult it will be but I think I'm in the right frame of mind now. I'm glad to see i'm not the only one here starting, so hello to all and keep up the good work.


I will never give up
hi sickofbeingfat welcome to the forum i also used to be slim and each time got pregnant abit more would sneak on and after my 3rd child born 9 and a half months ago ive too had enough and am doing something about it. so im on my 10th day well just completed it so far so good its just nice to actually want to look in the mirror as you see the fat melt away. good luck
Scarlettcloud so sorry to hear of your hardships, but I know when you start lipotrim and the pounds begin to fall off you'll feel great about yourself, you had the disciplin to loose all the weight before so you know you can do it again.....and maybe you can help us with exercise tips!!!:)

Hope Spain is fabulous!

Sickofbeingfat.....I am also sick of being fat!!! I'm on day 2 so I'm a starter too, at least you have experience from being on lipotrim before so you know what to expect, you'll do great hun!:)

Good luck to you both!x
well guys i went in to my local chemist today to start the shakes and i was told as its been over a year since i was on it that i had to rent out the dvd again before i could start.. a wee bit disappointed.. however she gave me a few maintaince shakes to get me through to Friday before i start 'properly' so with that said tomorrow is actually my first day on them.. cant wait.. the journey is just beginning..
Hi Everyone, my first day has arrived, 24th August 2010, so we go. Thanks so much for all the words of encouragement.

Thanks Spyro2008, its nice to hear of someone with a similar story.
How are you finding it? Weight loss wise your doing really well, I know its difficult but where else would you lose 11lb in 10 days!!!, its great. Well done.

Hi Slim me!, I think you've started LT yesterday so your a day ahead of me. I am determined to stick with it this time, as you said, you turn in to someone you don't want to be and lose all your confidence and for me that what I really want back. I don't know whether its a good thing or not knowing what ahead of me but anyway here it goes!!! So good luck to you as well.

Hi Thunder_thights, Isn't that so hateful, the same thing happened to me, thought I'd get started last Monday but they made me watch the dvd again. I've started today so we'll see how I get on. Best of luck to you when you start.

Best of luck to scarlettcloud too when you start and also to Bexi84, how are you finding it so far? Keep up the good work.

Must see if I can put one of those weight loss ticker on my page!!!

Good luck everyone.
the more i am here on holiday and have time to think about it, the more i am talking myself out of it. well, not talking myself out of it, but just wondering if i can do it. i know i NEED to do it and I know It works but i hope that i am strong enough to do it!!!! i am worried i'm going to find it really hard. i am also worried i wont have enough energy to exercise...


am panicking a little bit!!!


I will never give up
the more i am here on holiday and have time to think about it, the more i am talking myself out of it. well, not talking myself out of it, but just wondering if i can do it. i know i NEED to do it and I know It works but i hope that i am strong enough to do it!!!! i am worried i'm going to find it really hard. i am also worried i wont have enough energy to exercise...


am panicking a little bit!!!
of course you can do it you just have to be strong for the first few days and drink plenty and it will get easier. also coming on this forum helps so much especially if you have someone starting on the same day or day ahead. just be positive and focus on the weight loss and your target.
and you dont need to worry about the exercise straight away once you start losing youll feel better and more active and youll want to do some. it doesnt have to be loads just start of little and increase. weekly or daily. i hope this helps and you just have to focus on how much you really want to lose the weight and be healthy and the foods really not worth it.
Hi there

thank you that does help but i guess i am just scared. because really since march of this year i have been going through ups and downs of starting diets/starting the gym again and usually last a few weeks and then something happens that triggers me back into my old ways again. i am not sure if i am being too hard on myself as i have been through a lot this year with having a baby and then my marriage breaking up and sometimes i wonder why i am not motivated...you would think my husband leavingm e for a skinny woman would spur me on (especially when one of his reasons for not loving me anymore was that i put on too much weight)...but honestly some days i have struggled to get out of bed and i have a baby to look after on my own and he is hard work...i know plenty of people do it but i have found it very hard....so i suppose i havent really been focusing on myself at all. but its time to take action my weight is getting me down so much!!!! sorry for rambling
Hi scarlettcloud, You can def do this. Its just a matter of getting started. Once you get in on it and see the weight falling of you you'll be so glad you did it. You will also find after the first week or two get have loads of energy. I have only started today but I'm remembering from before. I used to go to bed early just to stop thinking about food but see when I woke up in the morning, i thought i could've climbed Mount Everest. My house was never as clean!! I have 3 three boys and I know how difficult it is looking them but you'll find as the weight is coming off, your in better humour and as I said more energy to play with your baby. Its the weight that depressing you because I know it depresses me. Then imagine in a month or so when the weight is melting of you and you meet your husband, the look of shock on his face, it'll be worth. But do this for yourself not for him or anybody else. Your def be well able to do it. Good luck.
Well i am def doing this for me and not for him!! Altho i think up until now i wasnt doing it for me i was doing for others and therefore thats why i wasnt able to stick to a plan. although yes the shock on his face will be an added bonus!!! But i am not doing it for him. we will not be getting back together.

I am tired and its TOTM at the moment so thats why i am doubting myself. but since i am on holiday i just have to keep looking at myself in the mirror in my swimsuit every time i go to sunbathe and remember that repulsed feeling...that is what spurs me on!!!
Officially on the journey to TFR xx

HI my new lipotrim family well its my second day on lipotrim and i honestly am not finding it that hard at the moment! :) so thats a good start! im more determined than ever to stick to it hard and officially throw this fat suit that ive been wearing since forever AWAY! im 5'9 and 22 stone:cry: sick of the im not fat im big boned slogans and the shopping for coverage rather tha n for fashion and enjoyment cause let me tell u shopping at the moment is so depressing its untrue clthes are not made for fat people!!:mad:!! but ive startd my jounrney to a new me and the body inwhich i want so bad and not this one i seem to have ended up with! i want to loose 6 stone in the next 12 wks do u think this is achievable??

HELP! :eek: xx chloe xx
Welcome to LT Chloe...

They say you will average about a stone a month (apart from your first week when you will lose quite a bit more)

It is only my opinion, but 6 stone in 12 weeks seems a little ambitious.. The only thing i can say is that if you stick to this 100%, you will lose more on this diet than on any other.

The first week can be tough, but you seem to be coping quite well... This forum really is a god-send, through the rough and the smooth x x

Good luck on your journey hun x x x
Hi Choleee, it's my second day as well, I am finding the shakes are a godsend, as I am so busy at work, I don't need to think about healthy foods to eat. I got the shake bottle and take it everywhere with me, as it's easy to get water. The downside is when you are on the road finding the nearest toilet, but I am making a mental note of all possible conveniences on my travels for the future.

Looking forward to next Tuesday and my first WI

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