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Hi, start tomorrow on Lipotrim, excited & nervous!


Is determined this time..
How are u..i am into my 3rd week on cambridge ;)
I have also done lipotrim but found the flavours rotten :D I did however loose 17lb the first week and 9lb the next :O so i was a small bit disappointed with my weight in after 2 weeks this time of 15lb but i can tell you this is the longest i have ever stuck to anything and this time i am determined to stick with it ..you will find the most supportive people on this site they really help you through it ;) Best of luck to you !!!
Hiya, I start on lipotrim tomorrow too... i feel really apprehensive about it! I am nervous about thinking about food all the time and feeling grumpy. I know it will be worth it though - i can only do it for 6 weeks as i have to be measured for my wedding dress end of feb. I will have to re-start it in july after my honeymoon to lose the rest but i am hoping i will be slimmer for my big day :eek:) Good luck and let me know how you are getting on.
Julie x


Is determined this time..
Julie i done it for my wedding ...i went from 26-28 to a 14 ...i am back where i started tough ( cringe) but am gonna loose it all 4ever ...good luck ...xxx
Hi oops and welcome, I hope your first day is going OK


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I am starting Lipotrim today (whoooohoooo) In fact i am supping my first vanilla milkshake as I type. Its quite nice really!

I had my app with the clinic today at 11:30 and in preperation i had black coffee at breakfast and its now 1 oclock and im not particulary hungry. I feel so positive at the moment, which is a good thing for me as i always go into diets with a sense of dread. So...from now on i'm calling it a journey. Im not on a diet I am just laying off the food and the guilt trip it gives me for a while!

Good luck and keep in touch, its nice to link up with people starting the same day as me.


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Hi, first day and I'm surviving, just downing the drinks in seconds. Felt weird at dinner time tonight , cooking and dishing up for everyone apart from me!. For ex cigarette smokers they give pretend fags, can I have petend food? :)).
Your wedding will definiately kepp you motivated, picture how nice the dress will look..... go girl!
Hello Ju - glad you are finding it ok! I have the strawberry shakes and chicken soup. The strawberry shakes are fine...but i tried the soup by shaking it up in a water bottle with some boiling water and i think i am going to struggle with the soups. I think I will have to use a blender at home - problem is i am at work until 10.30pm so couldn't blend it. I feel quite full with liquid which feels a bit odd - but not really craving solid food at the moment. Hope day 2 goes ok for you. Nice to be able to chat to you especially as you have started the same time as me. :eek:)


Getting thinner everyday!
Hello Oops..this could get confusing (Oops & Oops!)..LOL

I'm now on day 6 week 1 of LT.



Getting thinner everyday!
Hello Oops

This could get confusing (Oops & Oops!) LOL

Hey to everyone who has joined the forum. Ya should post on the lt forum we would love to hear from ya all along your journey! All the best for your first week and your weighin's should make ya proud, gud luck

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